Friday, December 28


incase i haven't convinced you to start a blog yet… start a blog. i promise it is the best new year's resolution for you this year. it is much more rewarding than losing twenty pounds… i think. i mean, i haven't lost twenty pounds yet but i do blog. so just go with it. it could be private, it could be public. you could write once a day, once a week, or once a month. one person could read it, or one million people could read it. the important thing is that you tell your story. the important thing is that you don't forget. the important thing is that you wrote it all down so your kids can read it all one day. the important thing is that you share what you're passionate about. 

the other day i sat down and read through some of my favorite memories from this past year. i laughed and i cried and i thanked the Lord that i have these words, these moments, and these pictures all right here. 

so, here are my favorite posts from 2012. 

you can read these, or re-read these, if you'd like. 

happy almost 2013, my friends.


  1. Haha...I remember some of these post titles vividly. Happy New Year!!!

  2. As a new blog follower, I'm so glad you did this post. Now I can go and catch up! I just started my own blog this November, so I don't have enough post to do this. And yup, I'm just blogging to put down my memories and hopefully connect with a few new friends that feel the same way. Thanks for reminding me, that I blog for me and how important it is to continue to blog even if it's only occasionally.

  3. You are so freakin' cute! I sponsored the Anderson Crew this month too and found you through that. Excited to read through these posts. :)

  4. love it. pretty sure i've read them all, but I think i'm gonna do it again. :) also, I think Im gonna do a post like this one myself. love you!! talk to you soon...and by that I mean probably in a few minutes. :) #textingcraziness

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