Sunday, January 20


well. i'm two weeks in and six pounds down for the a little too fluffy challenge. this week was HARD. i ate a giant sugar cookie while strolling through target. and also jellybeans last night. two things i would normally not really want to eat. but when a girl is desperate and starving, a girl is desperate and starving… know what i'm saying? i also put a cream puff in my mouth and then took it out. i was pretty proud of myself. so there's that for you. in my weak moments i feel like i've already screwed this day up so i might as well make it a really good screw up. but, today is a new day, my friends! i'm in it to win it this week. ask me again if i really mean that on wednesday.

on thursday i literally was brainstorming of reasons i could email all the ladies and say continue on, my friends. i am off to the olive garden, have fun with this shiz. here's text messages to prove it.

in all seriousness... my faith plays a huge role in this little journey. what am i looking to satisfy me? am i turning to Christ in moments of stress or turning to baked goods? am i eating to fill some sort of need that only He can fill? am i doubting that i can't do it? don't know that with Him anything is possible? it's a daily, hourly, thing even. i can't think too far into the future or i lose it.

since i am such a health guru (what?) i'll tell you some of what i have been doing. without further ado, i give you…

WATER. lots and lots of water. always big ol' glasses full before you eat your meal, so that you start off feeling somewhat full. full of water. it sounds like nonsense but it really does help. i also drink NOTHING but water. you know i am not going to wasting precious calories on a beverage, right? i don't drink coffee or alcohol normally so it's not a hard one for me. i really like the flavored sparkling waters that are zero calories, zero sugar. any grocery store or target has them.

i am all about eating real food and making it myself. i am not into diety gimmick foods that taste strange and involve using the microwave twenty-seven times a day. that being said, i have found a couple frozen kashi meals that i like and want to keep on hand incase, in a dangerous moment, i am starving and need to eat something right that very second, while my family devours pizza and wings. so, instead of crying and stuffing my face with cheesy doughy goodness, i can have a 270 calorie meal that is quite tasty in three quick minutes. do i sound like an infomercial? kashi, do you want to pay me? again, i have just bought three or four of these a week to have for emergency situations. and when i say emergency, i mean EMERGENCY.

fruits and veggies are our friends. these have been my primary food groups these past two weeks. i feel like they can meet many of my food craving desires in a healthy way. tart: grapefruit. need something filling: avocado or banana. sweet: honey crisp apple. crunchy: little, cold, red grapes. just plain delicious: roasted butternut squash. you get the point.

zero calorie evoo spray! best thing ever. instead of putting butter or oil in the pan when cooking anything, i use this. again, not wasting calories and those bad boys add up quick. i think it's actually 9 calories per a one second spray… or something like that. i also use this spray instead of drizzling evoo over my veggies when i roast them. genius, i know.

stop eating after dinner. for me, that means i am done eating come 6ish. this is hard. but i feel like it makes me a legit dieter or something. just go with it.

give yourself grace… and a cookie once in a while. if we can't have a treat once in a while we might melt away like the wicked witch of the west. so don't go crazy with this thing.

tomorrow i'll give you two of my favorite recipes, since i'm a food blogger.


  1. ok so i did the snort laugh when i read about the cream puff. i did same thing with a piece of bacon last night when i realized it was like my 5th piece...rock on sister.

  2. I reached for a Panera cookie that my evil hubs brought home and then took my hand back. Had a little conversation with myself about it in the kitchen, debated, and decided against it. I looked and sounds like a COMPLETE lunatic but I DIDN'T EAT IT. ;)

  3. "I put a cream puff in my mouth and then I took it out." Just sitting here laughing my head off over that one. My roommate and I have been "dieting" and trying to be healthy but this weekend was basically a write-off, so I can understand you and your least there is plenty of humour to be found in this situation! I'm going to go back to my ice cream now...even though I already worked out for an hour today...


  4. I love this! One of the things I always tell my nutrition clients is to make nothing off limits. The second you tell yourself you're "not" going to eat something you crave it even more! Focus on healthy foods that make your body feel awesome, filling yourself up spiritually, and if you want a cookie once in a while it is okay to have one :)

  5. Oh Danielle! I can relate! Since my own 'serious' weight loss journey began a little over a year ago...I have learned soooo much about nutrition. I'm never on a diet. For me it's a lifestyle of healthier eating.
    I had to eliminate one bad habit a month...just focus on that one thing. If I tried to do more than one I would fail. So my very first habit I needed to break was nighttime snacking!!
    That was hard! And even after a year...I occasionally indulge.
    My trainer tells my "choose your hard." It's a choice we make daily. Sometimes hourly. We need to make that choice for ourselves. Yes it's hard. But we chose it. So do it. And every time you choose that one hard thing (ok...I'm just laughing at that right now!!! But I'm not changing it!) makes us that much stronger!
    You go girl!

  6. I love the part where you took the cream puff outta your mouth- YOU GO GIRL! And Im with you on drinks- I love water, which is a blessing since I have so many other vices:) Im even done with my love of hot cocoa since Id get a belly ache every time I would drink a cup. Enough of that.

  7. lol about the cream puff! yesterday was my son's first birthday and i could. not. resist. the cake (and ice cream)...sooooo i may have to run 400 miles this week in order to lose weight. that being said, i think your tips are great. while i realize that crazy and extreme fad diets take off weight quickly, i need to focus on making some lasting changes. which means more water, fruit, veggies and exercise, not eliminating entire food groups and eating insane amounts of protien!!! you may wish you never started this, but i am thankful you did. even if i lose no more weight i don't weigh what i did and that is super!

  8. you crack me up! yesterday i was telling my mom that i want to become a vegetarian again because i just felt so much healthier, lighter, and less tired. then she brought to my attention that i am indeed 9 weeks away from popping a child out of my body... obvi im going to feel a little weighed down.
    enjoy your last couple weeks of littletofluffy!

  9. The CREAM PUFF! Dying. Thanks for keeping it real. :)