Thursday, October 4

tonight's the night.

tonight and tomorrow shall be like christmas for a rich kid. my gifts = my girls. ladies flying and driving from all over the country so that we can spend some quality time together. eights ladies, to be exact, that i love a whole lot are heading right here to my hometown in upstate new york… in the most beautiful time of year in new york, might i add. i've met, in person, a few of the ladies for approximately a hot second at blog sugar last year. and that's it! we're all just a bunch of mamas, wives, and lovers of Jesus. oh yea, and bloggers. wait… do we still blog?

in about two hours i'll head to the airport to pick up my dear friend, hannah. and then, tomorrow morning we will be uniting forces (what?) with kara, jami, carina. BOOM. esther. heather. stephanie. BOOM. sarah. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. 

we started tweeting a while ago about how we needed to plan something, ANYTHING, for us to get together and do nothing. our kind of nothing will look like this: sleeping, eating, cozying up by the fire, eating, hot tub!, eating, praying, eating, me beating everyone in board games, eating, peeing our pants laughing, did i say eating? we'll be staying way up in the adirondack mountains. right here:

can you handle it? do you want a photo of all of us in that hot tub? i thought so. 

one of the things i love most about this group of ladies is this: making this trip is was such a stretch for all of us. MONEY, time, husband's taking time off work, friends and family members swooping in to care for our babes, crying ugly tears while leaving our families…. and so on and so forth. but you know what? we made it a priority. we made our friendships and girl time away a priority, no matter how hard it was and how many pennies we had to pinch. and i love them for that. i am firm believer that we need this. we, moms, NEED this. i need fellowship with my sisters in Christ. i need them to laugh with me and cry with me. seriously, though…. can i ask this question and then have a moment of silence…. QUESTION: how awesome is blogging? MOMENT OF SILENCE.

thank you.

i will go climb right up on my pedestal and tell the world this: i love blogging, if for nothing else, that it brought these women into my life and that this FIVE DAYS WITHOUT KIDS is happening. 

here's the thing: being a mom is the greatest blessing i could ever, ever, ever ask for. but ya know what? it's hard. it's lonely. and when the only adult interaction i get is the mail lady who already thinks i'm crazy, i sometimes want to rip my hair out of my head. strand by strand by strand. i want some godsend angel to come to from up above and say danielle! i want to take your children for four nights and care for them and love them well so you can just have a breather. the other night caleb and i were laying in bed and he said to me, i'm so glad you are getting to go away with your girlfriends, babe. his motives for saying this sweet sentiment are still up in the air considering the time and location. however, i said…. babe, i think i would literally die if this wasn't happening. i'm suffocating. i, i, i… i can't breathe… gasping… for … air. and while i was exaggerating, which is the language i speak most, i feel like this sometimes. a lot lately. but these next five days? the breather. the refresher. the time us mamas are all craving. 

buh bye now, my friends. i am off to my very own version of never, never land. 
go plan a trip with your girls! 


  1. Bah! So happy for you and jealous! Goodness gracious could I use a breather right now!!!
    Have fun!

  2. WHat a great thing to do! SO happy for all you all!

  3. Jelly us!
    Have a grand ole time!
    So wish I could do that.

  4. wow! have such a great time danielle!
    you will come back refreshed.
    it is so good to just get away!

  5. Wow Danielle! So happy for you and very jealous :) have a wonderful time. Praying it is an amazing time for all of you!

  6. Wow Danielle! So happy for you and very jealous :) have a wonderful time. Praying it is an amazing time for all of you!

  7. Have so much fun! Wish I was there ;)

  8. You are SO right, we as mommas, NEED this. I am planning a girls weekend right now. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. girlfriend, I would blog EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.OF.MY.LIFE if there were even the slightest chance you would read it and then become my friend and then want me to anywhere with you. for reals.

  10. ENJOY! I am thrilled for each of you, and pray that God will refresh you all during your time together, and that you will be encouraged by the Jesus you see in each other.

  11. LOVE your honesty! I totally feel the same way. As much as I love them, I have a 3 and 4 year old and it never ends. I cry for vacations haha :) that place looks fabulous have an awesome {kid free} time!

  12. hey girlies, have a blast! i will be there next year if i'm invited. have a blessed time of refreshment.

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