Thursday, July 19

don't go breaking my heart

i debated titling this post the day the music died. but, since i have given the new hair a few days to sink in and some of the shock has worn off.. i went with a more subtle title, or at least i think so.

if you follow me on instagram or twitter you will already know that my boys got their hair cut.

let me say that again.

my (break) boys (my) got (heart) their (break) hair (my) cut (heart).

this doesn't happen often in the burkleo household. in fact, foster will be three in november and this was his very first hair cut. brody is kindred spirits with rapunzel so we do have to cut his hair from time to time. but seriously… like almost never. 

brody has been asking me for it for a while. it started off as just casual asking, here and there. when i told him he couldn't wear it in a ponytail anymore he was horrified and went on to say that he didn't want it cut after all. my son is a tad bit obsessed with professional soccer. he wants to wear his hair like this man seen here.


in fact, i think he thought a ponytail was actually called ibrahimovic until i corrected him. but days went on and manchester city, wayne rooney, and ibrahimovic were far from his thoughts. the boy was sweating. his playful(?) asking had now turned into something much more serious. i'm hot mom! … my hair is in my eyes! …. my eyes! help! my eyes! …  i want short hair like foster!
mind you, foster didn't really even have short hair.

and so i decided i would stop torturing the child and let him get the haircut.


i should have totally let him suffer some more,
but the rats nest in the back of his head kept telling me different.

brody has had long hair since birth. he came out with a full head of yellow hair. the nurses were all, oh my! we have never seen such a thing! and then his hair just got more and more awesome over the years. it is so HIM. brody = long white blonde locks. that's just my awesome first born. that's just my boy.

are you ugly crying over the baby pictures? me too.

in the past we have gotten his hair cut, so it wasn't so long, but it definitely wasn't short.
which, with his hair, ended up looking like a bowl cut or a page boy. and that just cramps his style.

so when we got to good ol' snip its i told them to have at it. i actually couldn't believe i spoke those words, and as the woman started cutting his hair, i told her, i feel nauseaus. she replied, good thing you're sitting down. 

good thing, i said.

 brody finds getting his hair cut to be hysterical. 

and off it went.




large lump forming in my throat at this point.

someone hold me.

and now it's foz's turn… 

he's a little unsure, my whispy fly-away hair boy. 

 girlfriend cutting his hair did not have a manicure lately.
don't worry, i haven't had one since 10th grade.

oh hey brody, you just lost ALL your hair. 

who are you and what did you do with my child? and what are those things on the side of your face? ears? 

foster kept grunting and saying i have dinosaur hair.
which is fitting since he was always called baby dino

there it goes.

all that beautiful hair.


my mom and i took the boys over to my parents house to surprise my dad and sisters with the drastic transformation that just happened in brody's life. they, litterally, did a double take of the child cause THEY DID NOT KNOW WHO HE WAS. it took me a few hours to actually understand that he was still my child.

okay, i'm kidding. but for real, shocking.

my baby boys are growing up and, simultanously, their hair is falling off. it's growing on me, pun intended, a little bit now. but i will always be a long hair lover. what's that you say? you want a little instagram before and after?

has anyone ever so greatly detailed their children's haircuts? or taken so many pictures? i think not. i should definitely win a blogging award for this one. and guess what today is a great day for? starting to grow out brody's hair… duh.


  1. Precious babes! I love long hair too... but they're darling no matter what :) Also I'm busting up about "girlfriend not having a manicure recently". I'm just glad you don't have any pictures of my raggedy nails... I also have not had a manicure since 10th grade. It shows.

  2. adorable! even if heartbreaking :)

  3. gosh it really did make them look all grown up! But now you can see their faces better and they are so darn handsome you can't help but love it!

  4. oh this post is killer. SO HILARIOUS and sad, too.
    your last line about starting to grow brody's hair out again..
    yep that's what we did with wilder.
    you are a hoot.
    gotta love our boys.
    they are adorable regardless! eee. so squishy cute!!

  5. I think those boys are just darrrrrrling...long hair or not!! the documentation is priceless!!

    "are you ugly crying over the baby pics?" ha! yes!

  6. Wow, what a difference, especially Brody. Not sure I would recognize him right away either. But they're still both so handsome!
    Haley just had her first haircut too, and although it looks a little fuller now I really miss her little locks she used to have. Now it's completely straight :(
    Btw, I find it kinda funny how you call Zlatan by his last name over here.

  7. Ah! They are so adorable. Boys are so fun. :)

  8. Oh my! They look so cute! My mom had a hard time cutting my little brother's hair when we were younger. His grew kind of long at his neck and formed into little curls. So sweet! But when we went on a trip, the humidity took all his curls out and he was left with a long mullet streaming down his back. When my dad caught my mom putting curlers in his hair to bring back the curls, he had a fit and scheduled a haircut when they got home. :)

    1. Tat is hysterical! I would totally do this and then my husband would totally take him to get it cut too! Love it!

  9. The boys look so handsome & grown up!

    Don't you hate to hear that :)

  10. ohmyGOSH!! they seriously look sooo handsome! and why is it so hard for us moms to part with our kids' hair??.......i'm the same way.

  11. They look so adorable with their new haircuts!! Well, they were absolutely adorable before too - you just make cute kids no matter what their hair looks like! I think it's those infectious smiles that run in your family! Happy Friday!

  12. i love long hair too. my husband does not. we war over it constantly. i like to call it the battles of longshort.

    when my youngest was 16 mos. he had the best curliest mop of hair it was beautiful. i left one morning for a hair apt. and when i came home my husband says "look who else got a hair cut." i died literally a little inside and didn't talk to the hubs for weeks no lie.

    your boys are still as cute as ever.

  13. um...i'm right there with you....we RARELY cut Elijah's fact the first time he got a real hair cut he was three (as in a couple months ago) and Caleb took him cause it was going to be this guy thing....well he walked in the door and it was WAY too short. i almost cried, but pulled it together so that i didn't upset him. We've never cut Vanessa's hair.

  14. Both look even cuter than before!! How is that possible?? :D

  15. Oh Danielle I love their new dos! Your older son looks so much more like his daddy now(didn't think that was possible:)). And Im sure theyre cooler in this crazy heat! Don't worry...if you really dislike it it can always grow back. But I vote keep it short:)

  16. Your boys are so sweet! They look adorable :) My husband tells me that we can't cut our son's hair until he's in preschool (he's 7 months old) - but only if he looks as cool as your boys! :)

  17. love you and your blog!! :) <3
    Foster looks fine with the new haircut!!...But Brody...a really big change!!
    But don't worry...It's hair it'll grow back sooooon!!! :)


  18. i totally get it.
    but if it helps, he looks absolutely darling with his cut....

  19. oh my god, you can see their cute little faces now... i die