Friday, March 11

a list of sorts

here are some things i would like to share today, in list form.
this girl loves lists.

lists are stuck everywhere in my house, most of them titled honey do.
i like to write lists of accomplished things just to cross them off.
feels good.

1.) sick baby equals snuggling. it's easy to get into the i wish i could put this kid down mode and i was on the verge of being there. but, i did a quick turn around to the house work can wait, i'm gonna cuddle my sweet baby boy for as long as i can.


2.) i don't write enough letters.


but, i love when i am in my letter writing groove. it makes me smile thinking of a friend opening a handwritten surprise. words are a powerful thing, it's amazing to think about how our words can really effect others. words to cheer someone up or make someone laugh. sending letters is as good for me as it is for the receiver. i think being in this technology saavy, blog/twitter/facebook crazy world, make letters from loved ones mean that much more.


these are my new favorite things to write letters on.
sarah from a drop of golden sun set me this lovely set of stationary in my current favorite color combination. red and blue. it's pretty, it's classic and it has my name written all over it. literally. you can check out sarah's beautiful work right here.


3.) my little baby dino.


i told you all that we call foster our baby dino, right? he is living out his dinosaur characteristics even more these days. much to my dismay. climbing on tables, and roaring at people has also turned into full out wailing and fist banging on the floor. it's fun times, i tell ya. my sweet friend, jen, at lil owl knitts loves my baby dino too, and wanted to support us in our decision to mold our child into a stegosaurus... so she made him this.



cutest dinosaur i ever did see.

do you have a baby dino? or monkey? or any adorable animalchild?
lil owl knitts has the make-you-melt hat for them.


4.) i'm so happy to be a part of faithblogs. you have been, haven't you? if not, stop what you are doing right now and go read some inspirational and Christ centered blogs.

5.) i am turning the BIG 25 in april. like half way to fifty. what in the world? i am so old. i don't think you are old if you are older than me, i just think 25 is old for me to be. mmkay. so, anways. i thought we could do something really awesome and celebratory and giveaway-ish with maybe 25 shops, if possible. is it possible? and what will this awesome thing be? i have no idea. but i promise, it will be awesome. don't i sound convincing? don't you want to be a part of it?

6.) after some twitter conversations about tattoos i felt like i wanted to get a tattoo for my 25th birthday. what the what? didn't i just answer the tattoo question that i had no plans of getting one? what am i talking about? do you have tattoos? what do you vote?

7.) i am having a girls night tonight. nuff said.


happy weekend!


  1. Love love love lists too!!! ps. don't get a tattoo (if you are reading this and have one I don't judge you) but you are too beautiful just the way you are. If you chose to get one I promise I'll still love ya, just being my opinionated self putting my 2 cents in.

  2. that dino hat is too much. so is the lil guy in the hat.

    he is definitely rocking it!

  3. 1. I'm a list fanatic myself.
    2. Handwritten letters are bomb, and this totally inspired me to write one today.
    3.Your kids are ridiculously cute.
    4. I just got a tattoo in January (the only one I will ever get) and I'm in love.
    I actually just wrote a post about it a few days ago.
    5.I think you're awesome.
    That's all :)

  4. + 1 for the dino hat & so cute baby

  5. i am totally a list girl.

    mail and writing letters are my love language.

    i am turning 30 in june and maybe i should do giveaway with 30 things.

    i want the dino hat.

    i wanted a tattoo for a long time but someone very wise said to wait two years and see if you still want one after that and i didn't.

  6. you are sucha happy little sweet pea.
    i just love hearing from you.
    i vote yes on a tattoo even though i am way too much of a weenie to get one.
    and i give you a big thumbs up on the "house work can wait" decision.
    happy weekend.

  7. I say wait until blog sugar and will get a tattoo with you!!! I can research a good place down here!! I dont have tattoos either...we can do it together!!! I vote yes! Sorry your baby boy is sick....but feeling like the super hero mom who gets to make him feel better does feel good right? Love the list and pics...have a great weekend!

  8. I don't have a tatoo, but I want one (I think) I vote "yes"! I love that Dino hat. Does she make them in adult sizes? :)

  9. LOVE this!

    1. List girl here, too!
    2. I think everyone should still send & receive handwritten letters. Genuine goodness, right there!
    3. My son growls at the dogs, at me, at my husband, my sisters, the lady at Target....EVERYONE! it's just a phase, right?!?!
    4. I have a tattoo{s} :)
    5. happy almost 25th birthday from this realllly ollllld 33 year old ;)

    have a great weekend!

  10. I am all for tattoo{s}, and I have tattoo{s} myself. Just make sure, sure, sure that you really, really want one, you've though tout the design until it's perfection, you've talked to more than one artist, etc. Don't just go in to any shop and sit in that chair. Have consultation{s}. Talk, talk, talk. Get recommendations. Any good artist will respect that! Just my 2 cents. Otherwise, go for it, girl!

  11. I too love lists and like you, write things down I've already done just to put a line through it! Ha.
    I don't have a tattoo but know what I'm going to get if I ever do it!

  12. Have fun with the girls tonight you adorable mama you.
    You are um, 10 years younger than moi.
    But I know what you're saying. ;)
    I make lists too....a lot like yours.
    But sometimes I add stuff to my list that I have already done so I can cross them off. And then say, see, phew, you got some stuff done. ;)
    Hey, it work on those days when you are mostly snuggling.

  13. I have little post it list everywhere. Busy momma's have to keep track of their to-do's. ;-)
    Your dino boy is so cute.
    I cried when I turned 25. I turned 30 in 2010... I never thought I'd be this old.
    Heather made me a button! Come over and see it. I'm taking yours!
    Happy Weekend Friend!

  14. I have two tattoos and I am very happy with both but they both have very special meaning to me. If you get one that is just "pretty", years down the road you may question it. One of mine is for my sister that passed away, so I know I will never tire of it. just something to think about. :) I love your blog!

  15. mmmk so i'm totally having a girls nite tonight too! eeeep! i think you should get a tattoo as long as it's not cheesy or a tramp stamp {which i'm sure it wouldn't be!} and i hope you're little dino is feeling better!!!

    happy early birthday! xo

  16. I love lists.
    I turned 25 in January. Maybe you should go ahead & send me the 25 things :)
    I have a tat. I got a pedicure today [the tat's on my foot] & the tech asked me if I got it on a Spring Break trip. I had to say yes. Sad. Make sure whatever you get is something that you will proudly tell a nail tech about 7 years later. Ha!
    Happy weekend friend!

  17. 25! That is old! (im turning 25 in May, still can't believe it..)

  18. i just want you to know how much i adore your blog! your honesty is great and i always end your posts with a smile on my face! happy weekend!

    ps i turned 30 in october and it feels great!!

  19. I adore handwritten snail mail. My {almost} sister-in-law {who is also one of my dearest friends} and I write back and forth all the time.

    And your little dino is beyond precious! :)

  20. Yeah girl's night! I'm having an impromptu one as well... sooooo needed.

    I say 'yes' for the tattoo (I think it would look awesome on you)... maybe one of your boys names? Along the lines of this one:

  21. oooo i like foot tattoos! i mean, not pictures of feet obviously. but tattoos on your feet. i really want one on my 2nd toe.

  22. I hope your boy is feeling better soon!! I love baby boy snuggles... makes all your troubles melt away! :) I'm 27... I don't think I'll feel old til 30. That birthday is just looming ahead and scaring the poop outta me! :/ I would LOVE to join in your birthday back is give something from my shop! :) I'll shoot you a line!

  23. **that should read "birthday bash" ... sleep deprived... :/

  24. I love the dino hat! And about the tattoo. Def think about it, don't make it a sporadic thing, but DO get one if you still have the tug to get one. :)I got my first tatttoo, a couple years ago when I was in my early 30's. A beautiful design inspired by henna art. My friend drew it out. It's in the middle of my upper back/shoulders and it is hidden away when I want it to be (i.e. when I'm teaching middle schoolers) and showing in the summer w/tank tops and sundresses. I say "GO FOR IT!"

  25. I'm with you on the 25 thing - I'll be there in August and I just dread it. It sounds so dang old!!! Lol! And I have tattoos...tasteful, small and in areas that I can cover or show if I choose. I have a celtic heart on my wrist, a star and swirl design on the top of my foot and a closed eye on the back of my shoulder. Be careful though, tattooing is addicting! I'm planning another one very soon!!

  26. omigosh i love lists.
    i make lists..of lists i have to make
    crazy i know
    also i love hand written letters
    i wish i wrote more of them
    i think you SHOULD get a tattoo
    i think they are awesome
    i don thave any yet
    mostly because i cant make up my mind
    but im getting C'est La Vie.
    i love it.
    also: baby dino = cutest little baby ever

  27. This whole list made me smile. Get the tat.

  28. You are so cute, I love writing letters as well. My Oma is very old-fashioned and writes letters all the time and has got me to write letters more often. They mean more when they are hand-written compared to e-mails all the time.

  29. I love lists, especially random ones with pics :)
    Happy weekend!

  30. poor baby boy! Feel better soon!

    I have mini tablets all over house with lists going on all of them! It's how we survive some days!

  31. oh, the tattoo..yes! i have three, all on my back so they can remain undercover if i want them to. i really want a teeny-tiny one on my wrist but...hmmm...still thinking that one over, i probably won't actually do it. i love your lists and i am a list-maker, just not always a list-accomplisher
    : D have a great weekend, i hope your little man is better soon!

  32. Love lists too. And yes, I do the check off thing so I feel better about them. Sometimes I write things on them I've already done just to cross them off. (shhh!) Funny about the tattoo. For my 30th birthday I felt the urge to get one, so I did. Don't regret it one bit. It's on the back of my shoulder. I want another one though. So my vote is go for it!
    Hope little man feels better and y'all enjoy your weekend!

  33. What a precious little pumpkin! So nice to 'meet' you in your lovely blog via Lucky Number 13. Have a beautiful weekend XOL

  34. Oh my gosh that dino hat is so cute...and funny. Did you see someone's post on Twitter the other day about men who are forced to model knitted hats? I think there was a dino hat...but for big boys on that. Hilarious!
    As for the tattoo, I vote no. But thats me.
    And since we both have April birthdays, I think we should send each other presents. Mine is the 22nd. Whens yours?
    Have a great weekend:)

  35. Yes on the tattoo!!!! My hubs and I have one in Greek together from 1 Peter 3 when it talks about Abraham and Sarah. It means "sharing together in the grace of life." I love it!! Mines on the side of my foot and i get asked about it all the time so I get to share :) Plus you inspired me to get my nose pierced last month!! Love it :)

  36. I too am an avid list maker. I think it drives my husband nuts! I just turned 35 in December and sometimes think, how in the world am I 35 already! Time flies! I was going to get a tattoo for my 30th and didn't. Then I was going to get my nose pierced and didn't. I'm still thinking I'll do the tattoo when I turn 40. I have ear piercings, 4 in one ear and 1 in the other, but can't convince myself to do my nose or to get the tattoo.

  37. Love it all! thanks for sharing! xo
    that stationery is beautiful!
    your little dino is adorable:)
    tattoos! i love them too!
    (i made a list too:

  38. What a beautiful blog! I'm a fellow list maker & a bit addicted. Just found you here thanks to josiah's nest & will be following you here & on twitter. I look forward to future posts!

    The Whimsical Sweet
    I'm just getting my feet wet with blogging & plan to open my very own shop soon! Hope you'll enjoy!

  39. i want a tat and am going to blogsugar so let's go together, as april said.

  40. I've been trying to be better about writing letters, too. I started with my daughter in her lunch box. And she came home from school last week after cleaning out her desk with 5 in her backpack. Melt my heart! Almost as much as that dino hat. And I say go for the tattoo.

  41. turned 25 in december. it was a sad day entering the mids. a sad day.

  42. I...

    love crossing off lists as well.
    turned 25 in January, I still feel 20.
    your baby is precious in his dino cap.
    LOVE that you write letters to your friends. I need to do that too!

  43. I'm not a list I envy those who are! :) I love writing letters too! It seems like a lost art. You've challenged me to pick it up again. Have a great weekend!

  44. you are soooooo old.
    red cheeks. love.
    dino. roar.
    how many days is it?

  45. lists are awesome and make life soo much easier!! i don't nearly write enough letters but lately i have been with etsy orders, if that counts! ;)

  46. I have a tattoo! Four actually, and very very tempted to get my fifth. Most of them are not in public view most of the time (hip, shoulder blade, ankle, wrist). Took a minute to get used to the one of my wrist b/c I'm not a very open and out there person. I did not get tattoos to show off in any way. I got them for me. One is a design especially about a mother's love. My son is proud of that one. :)