Wednesday, April 27


This title isn't entirely true because there was that one time, in the bathroom, when I snipped off a rat's tail. But besides that: ABE'S FIRST HAIRCUT!!! The kids have started to call him Leo as an alter ego name or sorts with his new do? No idea but it's hysterical. Abram constantly surprises me, sitting still for the haircut but not for the last picture of his long locks. See example below.

Abe can I take your picture?



Still no.

That hair! Is my boy gifted with the dreamiest hair and eyelashes in all the land? Yes, yes he is. People love to call my kids the opposite gender. I don't even correct them anyone. Just smile and nod. Lu is constantly a boy to all passersby and I just grin and raise my eyebrows. An old neighbor told me I should really pierce Story's ears so people could tell. Abe went down a slide at the park the other day with a Bass Pro shops hat and a shirt that said DUDE across it in huge letters and the woman next to me, She is so brave!! How old is she?! People, welcome to 2016. The year of all different hair lengths for boys and girls. I'm pretty sure we have been there for at least 10 years now but, welcome, still. 

Back to the haircut, I'm sorry I get sidetracked sometimes. THE HAIR. As Caleb is combing through it he's all, I think it's dirtier under here that I thought. I'm all, is that peanut butter or a freckle? 

At the first snips I threw up my mouth a bit. What was I doing? Making my life's worst mistake? Hair falling to the floor and breaking my heart. 

Off it went. And my boy aged at least 10 years. Are you 2 1/2 or 12 1/2? 

Look at my handsome guy now. I've come to grips with it because his hair is no longer laced with yogurt. He also pets my arm and tells me he loves me and proudly exclaims to everyone THATS MY MOMMY in public, so that helps too. Happy haircut day, Abe, or Leo. We love your style, boy.