Monday, March 21


I'm mildly obsessed with making essential oil rollers. They are so easy to make, and then so quick to use. I love to make thieves rollers for my kiddos, I roll this down their spines and on the bottoms of their feet. For Lula, I have a lavender roller, A couple drops of lavender diluted with coconut oil. I put it on her feet before bed. She smells like heaven and sleeps like the cherub angel baby she is. 

In the little glass cosmetic jar I put my coconut oil and frankincense and put that on after washing my face at night. It's the perfect little holder for it and it's got my skin feeling so soft and dewy. When I get into bed at night Caleb says I smell like a pine tree, so... it's pretty romantic too. 

Infinity Jars have all my favorites for glass jars. They have jars with screw tops, spray bottles, droppers, glass jars for cooking oils, and so much more. All of the jars block out visible light, preserve for 6 months, and have airtight seals. Infinity Jars use ultraviolet light filtering technology which preserves and rejuvenates freshness.  The possibilities are endless for these glass jars: oils, teas, coffee, herbs, lotions, etc! 

Mamas, if you want a secret weapon for yourself: buy this glass roller. Add a few drops each of frankincense, valor, joy, and stress away (all my faves) and fill the rest of the way with Young Living's V6 carrier oil. Roll that bad boy on now and thank me later! 

You can find Infinity Jars here: 

And use coupon code DANIELLEBURKLEO20 for 20% off your order!

Happy Monday!