Sunday, February 28


Isn't it funny when the Lord uses something in your life you never thought He would? It's quite funny, ironic, and sometimes slightly embarrassing when you're all, I WILL NEVER LIVE THERE. And then when you go to buy your house you're like, ONLY A HOUSE IN THAT CITY. Who me? Or that one time you said I simply cannot send my kids to public school. Whoops. Guilty as charged and loving every second of it. 

Sometimes we need a little zip your lips, my precious daughter, cause you have no idea what I have in store for you from our good, good Father. I feel like I've needed that more in this past year and half than maybe my whole life. 2015 was an emotional and physical roller coaster for me, I don't know if there's a better way to put it. I had lots of ups and downs in my pregnancy and hung out in this place of the unknown about my health and my baby's health longer than I wanted to. And wouldn't life be so much easier not having to hang out there?

I can remember the day when I officially felt like my YOLO, spontaneous self, the girl who could handle it all on my own changed into a new kind of superhero:


I usually pick a word for the year, or a verse, to meditate and focus on when I begin afresh on January 1. In December when I started praying about this H E A L T H was the only thing that kept coming back to me. I wanted to focus, more than ever, on my own health and well being, my family's, and my loved ones. I wanted, and want to, be proactive in making lots of changes for my life. Little by little, day by day. I mean, I am turning the big 3-0 in a couple months. Help. Wasn't I just skipping class in 11th grade? Where did these five kids come from? 

I have no poetic way to segway into essential oils. I can remember when I first heard about them and I was all, dubbya tee are essential oils? And then not thinking about them again until they started to clog every social media feed ever. I was the unfollow queen. Girl Bye... I do not need to hear about you drinking lavender drops and dancing in fields of frankincense. Peace.

My best friend lovingly sent me some Young Living essential oils to try out last fall and I don't know what made me actually try them one day... but I did. And then I kept using them... for more and more things. For me personally (for, like, every thing possible), for my kids, my husband, for cleaning, and so on and so forth. Was I becoming the dancer in the frankincense fields? What is happening and where is the monkey hiding his face emoji when I really need it?

To make a long story really short: Here I was, again, taking back my words and opening my eyes for something I never thought was for me. As I am taking these steps and making changes, I am walking this journey of health and wellness with the daily use of essential oils and couldn't be more thankful... or surprised.


Now that I got that elephant out of the room.

I'm using oils! From Young Living!

I feel like oils can be mysterious and confusing, because they were for me for so long. But they don't have to be. If you're interested in knowing more about oils you can email me anytime - and I can share what has worked for me and for my family, what I am using in our house, diffusing on the reg, etc. You can also check out my website, Fir and Flora Essentials and follow along with my journey on @firandfloraessentials on instagram. I also created a private Facebook group I can invite you to join if you're into that sort of thing, holler atcha girl.

I wouldn't be telling the whole story here if I didn't tell you about the business behind YL Essential Oils. I'm happy to be a part of a really beautiful community with Essential Oils and not only using them myself, but selling them as well. Basically, I get to work with my best friend and so many other women I adore and get to help people with their own health & wellness. Is this a dream?

I can look back on this past year of my life and so clearly see how God was opening the doors to this. Being able to stay home with my kids is the greatest gift. Contributing to our monthly bills and working towards paying off our debt (hello, student loans) is not only helping our family every single day but it's letting me be a part of something bigger than myself. If you are interested in hearing more about essential oils or joining our team: email me! I would love to share more of my heart with you on this.

We have so many resources and a free two week bootcamp for all who are interested. If you're all nah, I do not want to make extra income from home doing something I love with a stellar group of women... (jaykay) but are interested in just buying oils and trying them out for yourself... simply follow these instructions:

+ Go to the Young Living Sign-Up page

+ Make sure you've checked Young Living wholesale member! (The wholesale will get you 24% discount and you never ever, ever have to sell. ever.)

+ Enter this number 3358676 in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID areas

+ Fill out your information and be sure to include your email. I can contact you this way and add you to our private Facebook group.

+ Choose your kit or products. The premium starter kit is the way to go, my friends! It's $160 but over $225 in products. Also 10% off if you order before the end of February. What what.

+ You can sign up for Essential Rewards when you order, only if you want. Essentially it means you will spend right around $50 a month ($100 a month if you are selling). You will start building up points which equal free products!

+ Welcome to the family!