Thursday, January 21


My kiddos love rocking their new Colored Organics clothes. Caleb and I keep looking at them wishing we could switch outfits with them. Foster has, legit, been wearing his outfit for three days and just took off to school in it this morning, NBD. I love clothes that are the perfect mix of comfortable and stylish for my littles, and these are just that.

What I love even more about Colored Organics is who they truly are, behind the clothes. They are committed to being sweatshop free and fair trade. What does this mean? It means that no children are making these products or ever will be. It means that a safe work environment, fair wages, and eight hour work days are what they stand for.

"We are committed to improving the lives of our farmers, garment workers, their families and the communities they live in."

Colored Organics works hard to provide health benefits, meals and transportation to their workers and  also focuses on poverty reduction and reinvestment. 

"Our mission at Colored Organics is to create clothing with a happy history. We start with certified organic cotton, grown without harmful pesticides and herbicides. This cotton is then carefully woven into unique and attractive pieces in our 100% Sweatshop free facilities. All our production facilities offer fair wages, safe working environments, and extended health care plans to all its employees. It is our pleasure to deliver a product that is guaranteed to benefit both the consumer and those involved in its production - this is our Fair Trade™ promise."

You can see some of my favorites here: Organic Baby Clothing, Organic Boy's Clothing, Organic Girl's Clothing.

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Use coupon code DANIELLE10 for 10% off through Sunday, January 24th. Plus! They are offering Free Shipping on all domestic orders!