Wednesday, December 2


Well, we meet again. Years ago we had a pretty awful attempt at family photos, do you remember those? I'm sorry in advance.

I'm usually the girl who has her Christmas card photos taken in October and yet, here I am on December 2, stru-gg-ling. We've been hit with every sickness possible since early October and even had to cancel photos with my fave photographer and friend.

Over the years I have taken photos for many families and they have paid me for these photos. Yet no one in this world could pay me enough money to get a photo of all five of my kids that is semi decent. They hate me when I put the camera around my neck. They start to plot and scheme and every lollipop in the world does not suffice. My one child, you totally can't tell who from the photos below, especially enjoys the whole photo taking experience.

Alas, I give you our 2015 failed attempt at family photos:

Freezing & missing a child.


We really should have stopped at this point.

No one could convince Abram that he wanted to be in these pictures.

But, we tried.

Where are you, Abe?

My attempt to calm him and then I was going to slyly lay down behind the kids OR SOMETHING.

As if this was a good idea.

It's working out well for no one.

If you don't get a Christmas card this year, you know why.