Wednesday, October 28


For Christmas Card shopping!

I've got twelve pretty pre made designs for you to choose from. Simply email me: danielleburkleo at gmail dot com, with your card choice, your photo and your name(s) as you would like them. Each card design is 5x7 in size and $15. All payments are made through paypal. Within 24 hours I will email your high res card design file and you can print anywhere you please! I highly recommend or Their prices and quality are awesome (hello, dreamy matte cardstock!) and they are always running a sale. I'm also offering custom card design, beginning at $40 (email me!). Merry Christmas on October 28th, ya filthy animals.

Card # 1 

Card # 2

Card # 3

Card # 4

Card # 5

Card # 6 

Card # 7

Card # 8

Card # 9 
Card # 10

Card # 11

Card # 12