Saturday, October 24


Somehow, many years ago, through this crazy thing called Twitter (is that still a thing?) and the magical, lost art of blogging, I met my very best friends. The people who love me for me, no matter my flaws. The people who tell me what's up, point me to Christ, and speak life into me from all over the US of A. Four years ago, on a whim, we planned this get away to Lake Placid, and since then we've never stopped. We've ventured to Seattle, Seaside, and a mishmash of Manhattan and Brooklyn. There's been trips in between, too, of course. Two days in North Dakota? Check. A meet up every half year in Dallas? Check. Saratoga Springs movie marathon and eatahon? Check. NYC with husbands and babies and Giants vs. Seahawks? Check.

We basically live for saving our pennies, points, miles & rapid rewards for any chance to just be.


We got to do just that a couple weeks ago and my heart is so full.

Lu came, of course, because what's a girl's trip without her?

Omg. If you ever go anywhere in your life, go to DOUGH in Brooklyn. Order every kind and really just go back every day forever. 

New York got the memo that we are obsessed with 90s music and everywhere we went there was this magical playlist happening. Ja Rule and Ashanti, Nelly, Backstreet Boys, Beyonce. What is happening? Am I in heaven or 10th grade? I have no idea ... but I hope it never stops.

What do six moms of 22 kids do when they go on vacation to NYC?

THIS, players.

Brooklyn is dreamy. Sweet Chick changed my life with probably the best meal I've ever eaten. When I was there I felt like I was in some sort of Coyote Ugly minus the dancers so not really Coyote Ugly at all, but just go with it. If I closed my eyes tight enough I was living on Bedford Ave and waitressing there. We ate a cuban restaurant that had frozen drinks to boot, the best burritos, and so much sunshine. We strolled the flea market, ate the most amazing doughnuts known to man, ordered take out, laughed til we cried, walked the Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan, and walked just about everywhere else in the entire city too.

We popped into more little bakeries and coffee shops than I can count, ate life changing shoestring fries at my favorite restaurant, The Spotted Pig, strolled Chelsea Market & Greenwhich Village and fell in love with New York in the fall all over again.

Lula was an angel, a peach pie always.

God bless Uber, finally getting on the subway after walking 896 miles, a $38 car ride to Penn Station, watching Serendipity and then living it out the next day, and wrapping up the trip with You've Got Mail on the train ride home. I'm still pinching myself from this trip... the most perfect weather, the most delicious food (SarabethsZabarsShake Shack!), and the very best friends a girl could ask for....

Until next time...

Watch carefully, the magic that occurs, when you give a person, just enough comfort, to be themselves.