Sunday, August 30


We have been vacationing up in the adirondack mountains at our favorite lake for four years now. I love that my babies have been growing up exploring, fishing, tubing, kayaking, and jumping off the docks every summer. I love that they go to sleep way past bedtime, with marshmallow covered faces and hair that smells like that night's campfire, and that they wake up breathing in the mountain air. There really isn't anything like it. I would change a lot about New York, but I'd never change this. I love that they are making memories to last a lifetime.

This year we switched things up a bit. We stayed at another lake, a much bigger one, close by to where we normally go, but this year we got our own private island and pontoon boat to boot. Not to mention a crazy awesome waterside off the island, catapulting you into the lake. It's what dreams are made of for my little, big boys. The island is sprinkled with twinkled lights connecting the two sleeping cabins, bath house, and main kitchen/living cabin, which sits right on the lakes edge.

When we found out I was pregnant in late November and decided we couldn't give up vacation, obviously. So it was either go really, really pregnant in early July or with a newborn baby in late August. We chose the latter and I am so glad we did. Lula got to experience her third week of life in one of my favorite places in the world.

Here's to squeezing the life out of summer.

Until next year...