Tuesday, July 7


Thrilled to have my sweet friend Lindsy is sharing a little bit of her story and heart today. You can find Lindsy's blog here, instagram here, and donate to support their ministry in Miami here

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When my husband and I got engaged ten years ago, we didn't want to have kids. It's ok, you can laugh.

Our story goes something like this – marriage, bio kids, start adoption, heart-broken for the least of these, cancer, continue adoption, become foster parents, heart-broken for the American Orphan, continue adoption, adopt from foster care, continue adoption, etc., etc. We came face to face with homelessness, mental health issues, single mothers/absent fathers, the brokenness of the foster care system, lack of clean water, human trafficking, poverty, lack of maternal health care and drug addiction. The Lord taught us many things; the overarching theme being this – orphans do not exist in a vacuum. And if we want to combat the orphan crisis in a holistic and Godly way, we must enter into and seek solutions for the tragedies creating orphans and vulnerable children in our own backyard and around the world.


So, we’re heading to inner-city Miami with InnerCHANGE, a Christian order among the poor. InnerCHANGE communities of missionaries live in marginalized neighborhoods around the world – places most people want to avoid or ignore.

We will model biblical family, disciple at-risk mother/fathers and teens and love them with the goal of restoring families and sharing the Gospel.
And YOU can join us! miami01 In order to focus completely on Family Restoration, we will be fully supported by people just like you. People who get it. People who believe in a holistic model of ministry. People who believe children deserve to grow up healthy and carefree and as part of a family. People who have seen Jesus do amazing things. Would you give $10 a month for the sake of advancing Gods Kingdom in Miami? Could you give up a couple lattes or an album on iTunes or a tank top from Target?

Sometimes it’s hard to feel like our small thing is enough to make a difference right? So we don’t offer it. We tuck it away until it can be a big thing on its own. But here’s what we’re learning about Kingdom Economics: God takes all of our small things together and makes them BIG. He takes the two coins we have and calls them Enough. He honors our hearts and our obedience and our seemingly small steps of faith. Because, #smalltogetheristhenewbig… but God’s been doing it all along. If our God can take two fish and five loaves of bread and feed thousands, He can also take your Hamilton’s and make Himself known in inner-city Miami. But there’s more! When you support us financially you are not just sending us to Miami; you are very much joining us. You’re making Family Restoration happen in a neighborhood where healthy intact families are few and far between. You are saying you won’t stand by while another generation of at-risk kids sell drugs and sling guns. You’re saying you won’t be silent while teenage girls become statistics, raising kids as single moms who have never even seen healthy family. Whose kids are destined, the system says, to become single moms themselves. You’re saying “Not on my watch” will Image Bearers grow up in oppressive poverty in our own country without hearing of the healing redemptive power of Jesus. You’re acknowledging that through Him, you CAN do something. That God can and will use your small thing to do BIG amazing miraculous things. Satan wants you to believe the lie that your small thing isn’t enough. But our God is the God of the mustard seed, the God David trusted to slay a giant with a stone, the God who used an empty jar of oil to make food for days, the God who sent a tiny baby into the world to save it. miamisky Our God delights in small things. Will you take your small thing and join us and dozens of others in advancing the Kingdom in inner-city Miami? Join the #smalltogetheristhenewbigmovement here. (If God lays a dollar amount other than $10 on your heart, please go with that. Because, duh, He’s God.)