Thursday, May 7


There are three things I believe in spending "extra" money on: really good food, plane tickets, and really beautiful quilts. Everything is else is just stuff, right? I can't tell you how much we adore our new quilt from Megan at The Feather + Arrow. Her work is impeccable. The colors and design are more than perfect for our sweet Story's room. My girl loves her quilt just as much as I do. Megan's eye for design is right on point and her fabric choices make my heart skip a beat. Best of all, her heart is gold. I asked her to share a little bit about her shop:

"Like many small business brands, I originally started sewing to fill my own creative outlet. I had lived overseas for three years with no ability to create, little color added to my life, and my little family needed some beauty in our nest. So I learned to sew from the mamas and grandmas around me. Quilting helped bring in a little bit of income, and satisfied my crush on gorgeous fabric (my personal favorite in the whole process!), and allowed me to partner in a small way to the anti-human trafficking cause. My personal niche combines timeless technique with fresh and modern color palettes and patterns. What a gift to enjoy the added bonus of creating and communing among such talented small business women! My deepest thanks to Danielle for her graciousness and help for this collaboration."

Megan is offering 20% off any purchase! Use coupon code TAKEHEART