Wednesday, May 27


If there's anything my kids have loved, consistently, since they've been able to eat, it's cheddar bunnies. I mean, for years now, cheddar bunnies have been everywhere. In our car, on our floors, in their hair, probably in my bed. That just shows you how much we love our Annie's Homegrown.

Annie's tells us that Real Food Tastes Better. And it does. I'm happy to pass along as much real food to my kiddos as I can. They munch on all of Annie's delicious snacks and one of my favorite go to dinners for them is Annie's macaroni & cheese with their favorite mix-ins. Mix-ins is a friendlier term for veggies, ya heard? I've got two kids this will fly with right now, and two out of four is pretty much a victory. The other two are still getting the best of the best when it comes to macaroni & cheese, organic pasta no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, and 100% real cheese. I don't know if me or my kids are more excited that Annie's is now offering frozen foods like pizza bagels and pizza poppers.

Today we spent the morning planting in some new pots for our little kitchen window garden & then picnicking in the front yard with our favorite snacks. It's, approximately, 93 degrees right now, my husband is working late, and the window fan isn't doing much for this 30 weeks pregnant mom. Annie's is about to make my life a whole lot easier come 5 PM and I'm thanking them for it!

Check out all of their deliciousness here, recipes ideas here, and their awesome mission here.

This post was sponsored by Annie's Homegrown but all thoughts and feelings expressed here are my very own.