Friday, April 10


I got to sneak away a month or so ago for a surprise overnight for my dear friend, on her 40th birthday. Surprises are kind of my love language. I don't even need you to give me one, I just want to give you one, always.

I found The Springwater Bed & Breakfast on good ol' google and it's reviews were amazing and, after the shortest while, I knew it was the place to be.

I wanted somewhere local, that was the perfect combination of cozy and dreamy, with an amazing breakfast included, and boy did we get it. Would you believe this was my first time staying at a real life bed & breakfast? I questioned if I should even put my shoes on to go downstairs for breakfast (Don't worry, I did.) I need to find the secret list of rules for B&Bs.

Can you even handle this bathroom?

No. You can't.

We curled up, fire going, and watched St. Vincent in bed. Please watch this move immediately. Thank you.  Do you know what it's like for two mamas to be sans 10 (almost 11) kids for a solid stretch of time? Oh it's good. Real good. I slept so good I woke up with the sleep lines across my face. I don't get them ever really, since "deep-drooling-sleep" is no longer in my dictionary with children who love to bust in every hour on the hour, but I got them here alright. Yes I sleep with makeup on. I wish I could say it's a secret to great skin but I'm just lazy... and still waiting on great skin.

The owners here are the sweetest mother and daughter team. The mom, living at the bed and breakfast and her lovely daughter, down the street. They dreamed of doing this together and now they cook together, host together, hear countless stories together, and live that dream. I couldn't help but think of doing something like this, one day, with my mom... or my daughter... or both. Maybe in what seems like another lifetime, but one day.

What a gift it is for them to meet so many different people from so many different walks of life. To prepare their food and hear stories collide together over breakfast. It's holy ground, really. To have them come back one more time and fill you in on their latest travels, how big their children have gotten, what their new job is, and favorite pass times. They'll request that favorite breakfast you made that one time, a couple years back. Oh, it's dreamy.

Breakfast was delicious and they even brought out a birthday scone for the birthday girl. You know I'm still thinking about the breakfast potatoes and fresh grapefruit juice.

Springwater B&B, you did us so good. Until next time..


  1. i cried a wild amount during st. vincent, and my husband didn't notice til he went to get up from our snuggled position on the couch and he took with him a string of snot....tmi, my bad. that b&b looks AWESOME! especially the black and white bathroom. sounds like such a fun weekend!

  2. I would love to run a B&B. This place looks absolutely dreamy!!

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