Wednesday, February 25


Every girl has days they want someone else's hair. I can remember wishing for many different things over the years, hair color, style, and length being some of them. I've had red, black, blonde, and brown hair, and every color in between. I've been short and long, I (over)used sun-in in sixth grade and had this amazing puffy orange chin length hair, a personal favorite of mine, that I was quite proud of back then. I've had color correction more times than I count and every time I go blonde, I go dark the next day. When will a girl learn?

I feel like I really got into my hair groove after getting married. Nothing magical happened, I just started knowing what worked on me, and teaching myself how to style my hair. When I think back to high school and straightening the life out of my hair, which looked quite hideous, I ask myself, What exactly were you thinking, Danielle? I wasn't. Duh.

Now there is nothing more that I want than big hair. Curls, waves, and volume are all I really need. Straight no more, my friends. I will dry shampoo the shiz out of my hair to give it more volume. I love me some hot curlers and a one inch curling iron like it's no body's business. Big hair is one of my love languages. I love my curls, and I hope you love yours too.

It's time for you to rediscover the curls you were born with! Walmart has teamed up with Dove Hair, encouraging women to #LoveYourCurls. You can share why you love yours right here. It's really empowering to a younger generation of girls to see women confident with who they are and what they look like. There isn't anything more beautiful than confidence. Rock your curls with pride, teaching them to do so as well. Dove Hair + Walmart are doing just that, inspiring the next generation of curl girls to love their hair.

Submit your curly hair story right here and you will be entered for a chance to win one of 6 prize packs from Dove Hair and Walmart valued at $200 each! See terms & conditions here.

Dove Quench products help your hair get 4x more defined, natural curls. They offer an ultra-nourishing shampoo revives and strengths your curly hair, while cleansing. Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Conditioner gives your curls a smooth finish, making your hair more manageable. The Restoration Mask intensely nourishes your hair and finish things off with the Supreme Cream Serum, your on-the-go, leave-in, nourishing treatment. You and your curls are ready to rock with Dove's three step system!

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