Friday, February 27


It's Friday! Here's some of the best things on the internet this week:

- The new Noah's Ark movie by Veggie Tales. My kids had no idea what Veggie Tales was until, like, two months ago. Now they can't get enough. We don't have cable, just Netflix, and praise the Lord for Celery Night Fever --- they are literally obsessed. You should have seen the joy in their eyes when I presented them with the all new Noah's Ark. They loved it! Your kiddos will too. I'll give one of you you a copy, just leave a comment here! 

- Evy's Tree sweatshirts. Everything from Evy's Tree is my fave. My current obsession is The Stripe Diana Wrap. It's perfectly for this ever growing belly of mine. And no, I'm not even halfway.

- Lemon Cheesecake morning buns. Do I need to say more? I actually haven't even made these yet and I am already in love with them.

- I feel like this is a strange website (?) but I made these completely healthy cheeseburgers at my sisters house last week and MYLANTA. Best burger ever and the secret sauce, bless it.

- This bedroom. I'll move in tomorrow, thanks.

- THIS PICTURE. SPRING. I want Spring so bad I can taste it. Every February I think to myself, Why is it I live in upstate New York again? I'm confused. Someone get me out of here.

- These dreamy ombres (1, 2, 3, 4)

- Perfect makeup.

- This video about the beauty and the brokenness of adoption, telling the story of RAD that so often goes untold.

- My always creative friend, Jen, made these pillows I'm drooling over.

- The gold and white dress taking over the intra-net. If that dress isn't white and gold my entire life is a lie. Anyone who sees black and blue (like my husband) I don't know who you are anymore.

- This video by Russell Brand. I don't know anything about this man besides he was married to Katy Perry for a hot second. It's refreshing to hear someone 'out of the norm' take a stand against pornography.

- Why do moms always talk about coffee and wine? Dy-ing.

Happy weekend, playas.


  1. I love those sweatshirts from Evy's Tree, on my wish list! :)

  2. every august I ask myself why I live in the south, it's just so stupidly hot. there needs to be an affordable way to hope states during miserable seasons.

  3. Kiss kiss Kiss!! I miss you. Can't wait to see you! also can't wait to hang out without kids soon!!! I know you will be busy at the conference but I am excited to see you and be a part of it! Also! put me to work there. I can help with anything.

  4. That bedroom is dreamy & that Scary Mommy post is fantastic. Happy weekend!

  5. oh my - those lemon cheesecake buns just became our breakfast for tomorrow. There is no way I can not make them now!!!

  6. That whole dress thing was so confusing! It kept changing for me!

    I love that bedroom and those lemon buns look soo delicious :)

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