Thursday, February 12


 Don't mind if I do, Hotel Zaza. Hotel beds and room service are my primary love language.... and only happen once every few years.

 Oh yes I did go into this fancy bar... in my pajamas, pregnant, for a free, virgin, fruity drink. 

A huge chunk of my heart is in Dallas. One weekend a year I get to gather with women from all over the country and celebrate Christ in our stories. How he has worked in our lives and our hearts, and how he is still doing it. Hope Spoken is just weeks now and my heart is all aflutter. This period leading up to the big day is all the excitement the event planner in me needs. I am so thankful to have been able to go, and plan, and meet, and eat! and prepare for this blessed event. More than that though, I am thankful for the soul sister the Lord gave me, at the most perfect time in my life. What a dream to be able to work along your best friend. God is so good and has answered my prayers over and over again in Hope Spoken and the relationships that have been built around it.

A couple weeks ago I got to sneak away for a few days (and then a day or two more, thanks snowstorms) to one of my favorite places. Dallas is unlike any other city I've ever been to. You could never move there and not get a job. There are businesses, restaurants, hospitals, and more, on every single corner. Everything is bigger in Texas, in Dallas especially I guess. I adore it there. The streets, the architecture of the homes, the sunshine. The food, of course. It all makes my heart happy. Also I find it completely hysterical, when out to eat at night, Dallas is just like all the shows about it. There is valet parking everywhere, fancy cars, big hair, and socialites (I don't actually know what/who they are, but I am calling them that anyway). Also so much queso. Really, that's the best part.

I'm thankful, most of all, for my best friend, who has become my chosen family. The best friendships in the world are the ones that make you laugh til you cry, and cry til you laugh. Laughter truly is the best medicine. She can look at you and know exactly what you're thinking before you even say it. You can't always be together, the distance and plane tickets are a total blow, but nothing changes in your sisterhood, together or not, and you count down til the next time you can squeeze each other. My girl, Amy Poehler, says it best. When you feel scared, hold someones hand and look into their eyes. And when you feel brave, do the same.

Thanks for being my someone, when I'm brave, when I'm scared, and everything in between.