Tuesday, December 9


The truth is I ordered too little Christmas Cards this year. I was going to order more, when I realized my problem, but alas, I am too lazy to do so. So, Merry Christmas, one and all, from the Burkleo Family! My dear friend and favorite photographer in the whole wide world, Nancy, took these photos in October (I think?). If you're in upstate NY, she is your girl. I love Nancy for many reasons. One being that these took all of fifteen minutes which is about all my kids will give me these days for photos, if that. Also, please enjoy our freshly mowed grass. Wait, what? 

The brick was supposed to be painted the most perfect shade of greige already, but I guess since it's December 9th, it will have to wait til the Spring. Somehow, as I am typing this, it is turning into my very own version of a Christmas letter. Just go with it. 

Abey is handsome as all get out and sixteen months and hysterical. He loves to give kisses, stand on tables, throw food everywhere, and dump out entire bags of flour on the daily. His favorite pastimes are sliding down the stairs and taking endless baths to wash off the maple syrup and blueberry mess. 

Fozzy Bear just turned FIVE. Can you even handle that? He's rocking pre-k like it's nobody's business, cause it isn't. He loves teddy bears, wrestling with his brother, saying bizarre things that make everyone in our family pee our pants, and cuddling. He makes my heart burst. 

Abram killing me here. Srsly. 

Story Kate, my girly girl who loves to be one of the boys. She's sassy and sweet. Miss Independent, two and half going on twenty four. She is goofy and smart and hasn't napped in ages. Bless her. She loves to dress up, have picnics, and eat cereal with milk the moment she wakes up. She lets the masses know that her favorite color is pink, she is two years old, and has three brothers. Her name starts with S too, ya know. 

Abe loves to be tied down, if you couldn't tell. 

My Brody boy. He finally has his first loose tooth and we are all overly excited about it in this house. He is my grace giver, and offers it up freely and endlessly to me, the mom who makes the most mistakes with her precious first born. He's silly and serious and his little mind is always turning. He's too smart for his own good, which excites and scares me at the same time. He wants to do his homework the minute he walks in the door, and he loves figuring out how things work. He asks questions that make me want to be a better mom. He will be a whopping seven years old this spring, the best seven years of my life. 

Thanks, Nan, for pictures that will help me remember this. I looked back, today, on when there was just two of these little people that hold my heart. And the sad, bittersweet, time stealing truth, was that I remember very little. These moments, these little photos and videos, and ounces of goodness that ooze who these people are, right in this very moment in time, are more than treasures to me. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours, from our little family.