Sunday, November 30


We just got back from our Thanksgiving holiday at my sister's house. It was a magical six days, babies make everything magical don't they? Add a snow storm, lots of air mattresses everywhere, Christmas movies, blankets, and endless hot cocoa and sledding, and we had the most splendid Thanksgiving ever.

I had so much fun taking some photos of my sweet nephew, Judah, this morning. He's three weeks old and since I can't even get off the couch three weeks postpartum to take photos of my own babies so I am doing the happy dance that I could take these for my sister and brother in law. You don't have to tell me he's the most precious three week old, cause I already know. He's dreamy and pretty much a profesh baby model. His parents are okay too. I love you, Judah! (I'm trying to refrain from typing out all the nicknames I have for you). 


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  2. It does sound magical. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. The ones of them in the snow!!! Ay! So gorgeous.