Wednesday, November 5


- Jadon Lavik Holiday Station on Pandora. Type it in now and thank me later.

- I'm pretty picky about my movies (they must all have a theme like The Family Stone or My Best Friend's Wedding) but I may try out one or two of these. I love lists.

- These pretty new Christmas printables by my BFF.

- My other BFF has the most darling hand drawn prints. The prayer of St. Francis is my favorite. And this one too.

- A couple weeks ago I showed you guys BabyJak blankets and I am here today to tell you that it is not a joke that they are the softest blankets in the world. This is a very serious matter. When I assume my position around 8PM to work on the couch, I lovingly ask my husband to "fetch me the softest blanket ever." It's amazing, y'all. And all my family members want one for Christmas. Add it to your gift giving list immediately.

- Everything in Lindsay Letters holiday line. EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

- I have listened to this by Brene Brown approximately seventeen times. It is so good.

- My pretty new necklace from Glockets. It's got a letter for each piece of my heart. I love it.

- This skirt from Shabby Apple. It shall be my holiday skirt this year.

- This post from my girl, Shannan. I love her.

- I have no clue why this model is dressing up these lounge pants in the target ad but if I'm not mistaken they are the same ones I am wearing right now and every day forever. They are $15 in stores. True to size. Heaven sent.

- This.

- This.

- And this.

Happy Wednesday!