Tuesday, October 7


I flew into Birmingham, which is a place that my heart has been for a while, but I have never stepped foot on their soil until last week. It was a breath of fresh air, and came at just the right time for me.

When I am home, I am home. I mean, I barely make it Target once every two weeks. Besides my taxi services for school drop off and pick, I like to be with my people in our home. When I do run out to get things done I feel a little anxious to get back, knowing I'm needed. But when I am away, I am away. I think a part of me thought my love for travel and adventure would have to fade away when I became a mother, and I am so thankful that it's only gotten better. It's a gift that I never take for granted. With each new place, every pin on the map, and every memory made in new places, I am grateful, refreshed, and come alive.

We drove out to the gulf coast, to Seaside, Florida. I had never been to this part of Florida before and it's white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise water were the dreamiest. The water was the salty, and we floated in it for hours on end. I have added floating in the ocean with the people you love to the list of my favorite things to do ever.

The town itself is lined with amazing homes along the coast, and the center of town filled with the sweetest little shops, and lined with food trucks. Usually when you stroll into shops like these you can only find one or two that really spark your interest. In Seaside, however, I wanted to buy every single thing in every single shop. We went into the market from The Truman Show (and then watched it that night, of course) which was a definite moment for me because that movie rocked my world in my 11th grade language of the media class.

I am still dreaming about snow balls topped with cream. Rumor is it's sweetened condensed milk. Rumor also is it's my new favorite food. Frost Bites, please come to upstate New York.

Until next time, Alabama, Florida, and all that southern goodness. I'll miss you.