Friday, October 3


Apparently I have a thing for maternity photos now a days. I'm not afraid to claim it. I am on a roll with using my actual camera, two weeks in a row. It must be a new record or something. Isn't it crazy when you start to see the magic in photography all over again and you get the itch to never put your camera down? I'm there right now.

My baby sister is having a baby, which is straight up crazy. And awesome. I still think she's sixteen and then I'm all Oh wait... How old are you really, Rin? I shall always boss you around, whether you are a mother or not. Kiss kiss. With only eight weeks left, two beautiful models, and some glorious light, we captured this baby boy on the way. My nephew shall be the most adorable in all the land. Amiright?

Happy weekend, playas.