Tuesday, September 16


- If you didn't know, I wear shimmery bronzer than was made for eleven year olds. I used to pop into Wal Mart to gather my Bonne Bell bronze goodness but, dubbya tee Walmart, they all sudden discontinued their Bonne line. Not sure WHAT they were thinking. Praise Him that we can order it online, friends. I seriously purchased enough to last me until I'm at least 35.

- Foster has got the hottest soccer coach.

- Abe is taking steps now. Which is quite rude of him. And can you even handle those big, brown eyes? The rest of us are blue eyed fools and my big boys always talk about how his eyes that look like his birth moms eyes. And I ugly cry in my cereal.

- I mean this kid is killin' me. He's a dreamboat.

- The air is crisp and true September is here. I couldn't be happier about it. We're breaking the big guns: crock pot recipes and baked goods.

- I'm excited beyond all measure for the new season of The Bachelor and not even embarrassed about it in the slightest bit. Is it January yet?

This video and this one. Okay and this one too. So much goodness.

- These wall decals! Cozy Wall Art sent us along some and we created this rad triangle wall above Abe's new craigslist crib and his chippy red A. It's my fave. (And when I say we, I mean Caleb did it and I directed. Ahem. As always.)

This skirt from ShabbyApple. I may even wear it on our anniversary date (which is TODAY.)

- Our kitchen remodel was featured over at Apartment Therapy!

- This necklace. These earrings. Everything, really.

- It's never too early for Christmas jammies. Or endless photos of my boy.

- And on that note, I'm mildly obsessed with photographing my sweet Story sleeping.

- Did you snag your free printables yesterday?

Happy Tuesday, playas.