Tuesday, August 19


There is a part of me who will always be a wedding planner.

I interned for a wedding and event firm for a year when I was planning my own wedding. As I was falling even more in love with Caleb, I was falling even more in love with the process of it all as well. The details didn't stress me out but instead, they made me feel alive. I love watching all the intricate pieces come together to create the day. The day that has been talked about, prayed over, and dreamed of for so very long. It's a celebration, in every sense of the word.

I was working two jobs, in school full time, student teaching, and planning my own wedding when I had to walk away from that internship. I would have stayed if I had been paid, goshdarnit, but something had to go. It was that internship that made me change my education major to continue on in business, with hopes of one day having my very own special events firm.

Here I am today, one wedding, eight years, four babies, two apartments, and two houses later. I'm not using my degree but I am working from home as a graphic designer and living out my event planning days through my heart in Hope Spoken. I'm eating banana cream pie on the couch while two babies nap and I work on blog designs. It looks mighty different than what I imagined, what seems like a lifetime ago, but it's more than I could have ever asked for. There will always be a little part of me who daydreams about planning a wedding all over again, and assisting brides-to-be with all those details.

Here's some of my favorite wedding inspiration as of lately:

This wedding seriously knocked it out of the park. It's completely dreamy and delicate and the bride is stunning. And this one, killing me.

Some dapper dudes. I love this look for the gents.


Is there anything really better than the look on the groom's face when his lady is walking down the aisle? The answer is no.

Every part of me is drawn to corals, blush, and creamsicle. I mean, it just screams beauty. Marry me, peach.

Poppies are what dreams are made of.

This cake. In three times the size. Who knew naked cakes could be so beautiful.

Can someone get me a tulle blush wedding dress, please?

I dream of every table at the wedding looking just.like.this.

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