Tuesday, August 26


Usually, as soon as August hits, I start wondering Is it October yet? But this summer I'm committing to holding on a little bit longer. I'm making these last few extra warm days count, rather than wishing them away.

This means a few more campfires, late night ice cream dates, swimming in that chilly water, and blowing our biggest, juiciest bubble gum bubbles. I know once January comes, I'll be wishing for these days again. I'll be longing for them and wanting to wake up in June, not February. So today we're enjoying it. We're squeezing the last sunshiny bits out of this season we love.

Every summer has a story and this one has been a real good one. You know it's a good one when all you can smell is sunscreen, and all you can feel is the warmth on your back, and you have no idea what day of the week it is. The sunshine has been the best kind of medicine, for all of us. We've loved the lake, the sand, the pool, the sticky sweet ice cream faces, and all that summertime brings to us and our souls.

September, and school, and routine are just around the corner but we've committed to a few more days of bare feet, cooking out, dips in the pool, soaking up the sun, and a summertime frame of mind.

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