Monday, July 14


Ah. Love lake. My heart is full and I'm swimming in the bittersweet of leaving one of my favorite places. As I get older, and the more I travel, the more I need to travel. I feel God's presence come alive in me in His creation and in all things news.

I'm in this place where I want to scream summer forever! while at the same time, am busting with work ideas and plans for the fall, moving in eleven days (but who's counting?), and an adoption court date swiftly approaching. It's a good place to be. I'm trying to clam my anxiousness about it, and just embrace all these good things.

Our time at the lake was filled with memory making. It's a dreamy and magical place, even when you throw in a couple rainy days. The boys spend hours adventuring, in their own little world, and I ache a little, holding onto the dream of one day living in a place like this. A place with lots to explore, water to swim and fish in, away from it all. I love tucking my boys into bed at night at the lake. Bedtimes disappear there. They've consumed too many s'mores to count. I breathe them in and they smell like this strangely wonderful combination of our nightly campfire, the fish they've been catching, and the adirondack mountain air. The sun has kissed their cheeks and I can see it. Their fingernails are dirty and their hair is sandy and they have been going, going, going since the early morning hours. 

This was Story's third year at the lake and she embraced it with open arms. Last summer she clung to me, and hung out in my mom's lap. This year she jumped and swam and we all kept shooting all eyes back and forth, where's Story? cause she wanted to figure this place out for herself. She also ended up having her first experience with a big girl bed, aka kept climbing out of the pack-n-play. So who knows what this means for us. I know she's ready for the bed, and the potty training, but let me just hang on a little til August, mkay?

And my sweet baby boy, he was made for the lake. He's got no fear whatsoever, and this felt just like home to him, I could see it in his eyes. We're writing this off as our favorite week of summer so far.

Until next time....


  1. {sigh}
    I could just sense the joy and sweet memories made by looking at these photos.
    I know what you mean––it's so much easier to feel God's presence when you're out surrounded by His nature. I love that!
    That last photo is my favorite.
    And Story is so beautiful!
    Yay for Lake time! (And it's called "Love Lake"?! Perfect!)

  2. What great summer time memories! Enjoyable post with beautiful pics!

  3. Sounds magnificent! Where is love lake?

  4. Beautiful post, beautiful pics as always ;)

  5. Dreamy pics-- Such cute kiddos!