Saturday, July 19


Our agency's policy is that they do not want adoptive parents to show photos of their child on social media until their adoption is finalized. This is very common in foster to adopt situations, and with some agencies, ours included. It makes sense, as until Thursday, even though he was our son, he was not legally our son. BUT NOW HE IS! Here's some of my favorite Abe photos from the past nine months, also known as the longest blog post ever:

This was on our car ride home, Caleb and I just picked up Abram from our adoption agency. He was so tiny! He was smaller at seven weeks old than all my other babies at birth. We fell in love with him even before we ever saw him but when I held him, it all made sense. We knew that God's plan for us was Abram all along. 

 Our car ride home again. His big, beautiful eyes and killer long dark eyelashes are dreamy.

A little cake my mama had when we got back home that night. 

Our first night as a family of six!

Abe loved this swing. One of his favorite hang out spots. 

Abram was born with a cephalohematoma, which is basically a collection of blood that forms under the skin of a baby's scalp, and stays on top of one of the skull bones. You can see it really well in the above photo. We saw a neurologist a few times early on and this type of hematoma just takes time to go down on it's own. It spread out, as his head has grown, and it's hardly noticeable at all anyone.

My dude.

His little legs are killing me here. 

One of my favorites of my boy. 

Abe and daddy. 



My precious Abram Brave. 


This was the day of his baby shower. There were lots of diapers and pastries, it was a blessed day for all.

Abe's shower.

I loved these stripe jammies. He may have lived them in. 

Early mornings with Abe.

Abe in Dallas with his girlfriend, Apple. 

Is there anything better than a baby in an afghan? The answer is no. 


Squeezed him into a clearance pumpkin costume for Halloween and he loves me for it. 

Falling asleep like this was one of his favorite pastimes. 

Abram and my sister-in-law, Stacy on Thanksgiving. This picture is one of my favorite pictures ever. If you were at Hope Spoken, this is the picture. 

Abram may have another girlfriend. Him and Ivah hanging out at the perfect midtown apartment in NYC for a weekend in December.

Introducing Abe and Ivah to the glory of Eatly at their young ages. If they gain anything from their mamas, it better be our love of food. 

My beautiful boy.

Why are you wrapping me up like a burrito, mom?

Caleb sent me this one time when I was traveling. Favorite. 

The day he fell in love with the lake.

Jumping and munching on this mum mum was exhausting.

Abe's Armenian but he was a little bit Irish for St. Pat's, of course.

Happy, grassy baby.

Loving his food.

 The best we could do on father's day.

Ready for summer!

Thrilled to finally be in the tub with the other three hooligans.

Showing Auntie Jami some of his tricks on her visit to New York.

Aunt Erin and Abe.

I'm with the band.

Abram and I at our favorite lake house.

Hey Jen! Remember that one time that I ran out to your car last August and burst out, I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU! as soon as I opened the door? Then we spent the night talking all about this baby boy my case worker called me about, and how there was so much unknown. And here we are at his court date this week!

There's a peek into all the Abram you missed! Thank you, so much, for your love and excitement in welcoming Abram, officially, into our family. Happy weekend, friends! 


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  2. What a PRECIOUS boy he is!!! Such a gift from God and you have such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!! xo

  3. YAY welcome home, Abe! So happy for y'all :)

  4. Oh my gosh, he is precious! I think you just gave me Baby Fever... thanksss! hahaha! Jk, jk! :)

  5. Oh Danielle, he is just beautiful! This post made me all weepy, and long for another baby ;)

  6. Oh Danielle he is so precious! Thanks for sharing this beautiful blessing with us!


  7. Is it weird that I found myself crying looking at these photos?! These are so sweet! I was adopted too and I love being able to see the gaps from all of the months for your baby :)

  8. So so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this, I teared up…what a beautiful story in pictures:)

  9. He is so beautiful, and I am just so happy for you all!

  10. so so good! congratulations again, he is so handsome and so so happy for y'all!

  11. He looks like a Burkleo!!! So cool how that works. Blessings to your family!

  12. I was adopted when I was only three days old. I think adoption is one of the most amazing and miraculous gifts from God. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful little boy!!!

  13. he is so handsome. what a stud!

  14. Oh my word he is so cute! Congratulations!!

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