Wednesday, June 4


We've put on our summer skin now. It feels like everything is slowing down, even while we're still spinning around in circles. That's what I love most about summer. We can still be busy as all get out but summer sends our brains into the perfect laid-back-no-shirt-no-shoes-no-problem mindset.

I want to stop sending Brody to school all together. I may have let him play hooky last week. I simply couldn't bring myself to take the other kids to the lake for the day and send him to school. What can I say? I am failing at the end of the school year mom duties.

We've gone back to the lake again twice after that and plan to go again this weekend. The lake throws out the nagging, cooped up, boredom that had overcome our winter and my children act somewhat like cherubs. It's magical. Is it just me or did we go straight from winter into summer? We skip spring in upstate New York apparently.

I got out my camera today to take some pictures of my niece for her upcoming second birthday, and then when editing them I remembered I have a blog.

Hi. Hello. Nice to see you.

A year ago I would have told you that I feel like I'm in a stage of waiting but was at the cusp of something new. Guess whaaaaaaat? I feel like I'm in a deeper stage of waiting than ever before, even though there has been so much new. It's always this way, I'm sure, sometimes I just miss seeing it.

I'm waiting to finalize our son's adoption still. Everything is moving along perfectly, just still waiting.

I'm waiting to move into our new, old, house in the end of July.

I'm waiting to lose twenty pounds. (Whoops.)

I'm waiting to feel community here again.

I'm waiting to blog again.

So at least I checked that one off the list for tonight. If I could insert an emoji here it would be my signature girl. I like to think she's saying, I mean..., or Whatever..., sort of coyly shrugging her shoulders. You know exactly which girl I'm talking about.

Happy June 4th, my friends. I hope you've got your summer skin on again.


  1. We skipped spring in Michigan too. And I know what you mean about being in a season of waiting: I felt like I was there last summer and I feel like I'm there again now. I think you're right, though; we're always waiting on something, but we may not always feel that season the way we do now. I think the summer mindset helps to pull us back from the antsy of waiting, that slow, laidback style of living reassures us it's okay to enjoy the sunshine of life.

  2. yay! I'm happy you are back! Failing at end of the school year duties probably means you are winning at mom duties! Some times you just know whats right! xo!

  3. okay um could you kindly ask story to stop growing up. i started reading your blog right before she was born and now she's suddenly a teenager?

  4. They sure look like its summer time!

  5. That little Story... such a cutie.