Saturday, June 7


We're only seven days into June and it kind of feels like my favorite month, which is strange, because I am totally an October girl. I can feel myself letting go of things that need letting go, and it feels good. Really good. I'm keeping my babies up later for things like watching Frozen in the park, under the stars. Carnival rides at dusk and impromptu trips to catch the fireworks. It feels like everything, and everyone, around me is chanting SUMMER! and I want to kiss them on the mouth for doing so. 

I'm much for carefree as a mom these days. Praise the good Lord above. It's more beneficial to me than the kids, I'm sure of that. They don't notice a difference but I do. Relient K's High of 75 is my theme song for June, maybe even the entire summer. He took my heavy heart and He made it light. It doesn't get much better than that. 

See my little guy up there? He's ten months old now, ten and half if we wanna get techy, and he is a hoot. He's got a mullet of sorts, and two fang teeth, and the best belly laugh you've ever heard. His eyelashes are killer and I'm quite jealous of his olive skin. I love to breathe in his baby-ness, as to hold onto it a minute longer, and tip toe in to catch him sleeping.

He's crawling all over the place now. He loves blueberries and meatballs and bananas and pretty much anything else you place in front of him. Like mother, like son. I can't wait to plaster his face all over this space and show off my boy. We can't imagine our lives without him in it. His big brothers and sister adore him, and when I look at him I see myself. 

June means so many things. A kindergarten graduate, a tuition payment due for the start of preschool in September, swim lessons starting, one month til we move into the new house, one month til we head up to our very favorite lake. I'm soaking it all in and it feels really, really good.