Thursday, April 10


I am white.

I am not, however, thin, blonde, wealthy, or hipster. Though I wish I was a little more hip. I am a mom to both biological children and an adopted child. I am a women who writes about my faith, my family, food, travel, hard things, good things, silly things. My blog has evolved over the years. It's changed over time, just like I do.

I am a blogger and proud to be in the film American Blogger.

It's both ironic, and sad, how a film sharing about the beauty of blogging and social media has become the target of so much cruelty, through the very thing this film set out to celebrate.

Where are my bloggers at?

No, really.

Where you at?

When are we gonna come together and support each other? Whether we are black, white, gay, straight, fashion blogger, political blogger, anything blogger, man, woman, young, old we all share a common thread here. We all believe in sharing our story. We all believe in writing all this stuff down, whatever that stuff may be.

I'll start with this: I completely understand the push back about this film being called American Blogger and not portraying American Bloggers with our vast diversity and differences. I TOTALLY GET THIS. (I don't normally use caps but I feel the need to in this post.) Please hear me out, I do, loud and clear. I also believe Chris gets this as well, and maybe wouldn't have named it this title, looking back on things.

However, here's the thing: Casey Wiegand is the American blogger here, my friends. She is American and she blogs. Chris is her husband, supports her in her blogging endeavors, and he beautifully tells the story of blogging and what it has been like for their family. He travels the US to connect with other bloggers, most of whom his wife has some sort of a relationship with, and the majority share about things similar to what she shares about.

And that's okay. 

I am no fashion blogger, if you know me, I barely get dressed twice a week. Our family of five, at the time, lived in our 1,000 square foot house when he came to film, and all the piles of laundry, extra toys, and mess got shoved into our bedroom when Chris was filming. Cause, correct me if I'm wrong, but if someone is coming to film you, for a film that is going to be released nationwide, you are going to tidy up your house a bit. I definitely took a shower and put on some makeup that day... cause I WAS BEING FILMED. I think you may have done the same.

I had the privilege to watch the film in it's entirety already and what so many have been quick to judge is this: a beautiful story of a little boy who fell in love with film. Who grew up to make it a priority that he has these memories of his children for generations to come. Through his filming, and Casey's blogging, they have, and are continuing to have, pages and pages, and hours and hours, full of the three people they love most in this world; their children. He tells the story of what blogging is for their family, and connects with other women who have the same passions when it comes to blogging, and shares bits and pieces of their stories as well.

I cried as I watched Natalie share about her son, Elias, who has down syndrome, and how hard it was for her at first. I beamed through my tears as I saw the smile, the one Natalie described so perfectly, spread across Elias' precious face.

I was so proud to see my beautiful friend, Jen, share her heart, and I laughed at our sweet kiddos bouncing on the trampoline together. Maybe I gasped a bit to see how much my kids have changed since July.

Ashley's bravery through her cancer journey made me weep. I've read through her posts and followed along a little bit before, and it was really amazing to see her share her story in this film.

Laura makes me want to skateboard, Mary Beth makes me want to rip out my camera and learn it even more, Kim is refreshing and encouraging in all sorts of ways. I could keep going and going.

Chris Wiegand is someone I am privileged to call my friend, and he is also someone who believes in the power of sharing your story. Just like all of us - - Bloggers.  I don't know if I have ever met someone as passionate about their work as Chris. He is talented and gifted in more ways than I could write out. He is driven, motivated, and he follows his dreams. American Blogger being one of them.

Let's choose to celebrate this thing called blogging - whatever it looks like for each of us.