Wednesday, April 2


This past Sunday night I had the hardest dinner I've ever had.

I ate chicken and waffles and wondered to myself why the h I had never eaten them before. Every time I taste them, and I hope it's always at Breadwinner's with my people, I will think of this night.

The room was small and warm, and we didn't get the patio space that we reserved. That's only because the Lord knew we needed that perfect circle table. That it would be just the right size for us. That we needed that very space, the one that could hardly hold all of our emotions in.

Every time I taste them I will think of holding onto Heather's leg and never wanting to let go. And not being able to look up at Hannah cause the lump in my throat would just not go away. I will think about doing everything in my power to not break down. I've never tried so hard not to cry in my whole life. And I'll think of Kara and I looking over at each other, with our eyes brimming with tears knowing that if one of lost it, the other was certain to follow. I will think of Steph sweetly swaying precious Ivah to sleep and making Linnea tell us all her work stories as to not face the reality of what tomorrow morning meant. I will think of Sarah's girls running into her arms yelling Mommy! and Parker being so surprised that we aren't all laughing and talking non-stop but were, instead, ugly crying and trying to muster out a Hello, We love you, but can't bring ourselves to talk cause the lumps in our throats are so big.

I will think of Carina, and Hannah, and I making our own custom drinks, subbing the rum for vodka and how we are really and truly made for each other. I think of Jami and Caleb bonding over choosing the wrong dessert 25 times and the tears that formed in her eyes when my husband surprised us all by treating us to our meals. Have I mentioned I married the best guy in the world?

I told Caleb before we headed to dinner that I couldn't do it. I couldn't enjoy this night as much as I wanted to, because it was already 7:00 o'clock and twelve hours just wasn't enough.

The truth here is that I have found what I have been looking for for so very long. These are my people, and I want to shout it from the rooftop. I feel like as a Christian woman, in general, it's kind of, sometimes always?, said to keep quiet about friendships as to not make anyone felt left out. But here's the thing, my friends. True, real, Christ centered relationships with other women are hard to find. They are something to CELEBRATE, not hide. We can love others, and love them well, and still celebrate what God has done in our lives. On the plane ride home, and as I cried to my husband last night, he told me he's never seen anything like it. And I don't think many people have.

I want this for you, my sisters reading. I wanted, and prayed for this, for myself for years and years and I cannot believe that God blessed me with these people. I have never in my life experienced a more real, authentic, loving community.

My people. My tribe. My girl gang. My whole heart for my whole life.

As I scrolled the instagram hashtag of Hope Spoken I saw this popping up everywhere. And my heart burst for these women. In hotel rooms, by the pool, in the grocery store lines in Dallas, at Starbucks, in the speaker sessions, in the small groups, and when worshipping together, this community was forming. These people, these precious women, were coming together in the way that only the Lord can do.

For so many reasons, and sometimes it feels hard to say this, but I feel more at home in a hotel room in Dallas than I do in the place I have lived in my whole life.

And it's because of these people.


  1. so. where do I even start. You took all the words right out of my mouth, out of my heart. But thats no surprise...because you ARE my heart. What we all have is so rare and so special and you are right...I want to shout it from the rooftops that God answered my prayers! my prayers for years, for a group of friends to love me like I love them. Something that always seemed hard to find before. God is so so good to us. I am forever thankful for you, my forever friends. ok, im gonna go weep some more now. LOVE YOU.

  2. I mean. I can't even.

    How's that for articulate? But you know what's in my heart.

  3. So fun. Wish I could meet all you girls!

  4. This was really beautiful...I don't know any of you girls, but have followed Danielle for a long time now and even bought one your yarn wreath's 2 years ago, but I connect with this emotion of having girlfriends who know you're heart. I am turning 26 in 2 weeks and my girls who know me best I have known for 23 years of my short life. They know me so well we are sisters. I know it's rare to have best friends that, although I don't see them all the time, are always there when I need and want them most. We have shared joys and heartache all through out our whole lives. I'm so happy God answered your prayers for a community of women. I pray for those who have yet to find it.

  5. So very beautiful. I loved reading this. you love your friends the way i do and that makes me love you more. there are only a few friendships and groups in this life that "get you". Im so glad you have it. And seriously, all of the photos of you guys in the photo booth were my absolute favorite. Just couldn't get enough. I love seeing how God stitched you all together perfectly with all of your imperfections.

  6. i mean....... beautiful. and i so get this. so happy you have this wonderful gift.

  7. Such a sweet post Danielle, at first when I finished reading my worldly mind said, man I really wish I could have that kind of community, that kind of friendships. I came to Hopespoken from Illinois alone, I didn't have a ton of deep interaction with anybody there, and I really struggle with true friendship in my life. Then my heart turned to Jesus and I felt instant peace that just coming to Hopespoken and meeting the people I did planted a seed that I believe friendships can grow and I have been given confidence to find my people wherever they are, I know God has them for me. I had never really been to an event like that before and certainly not alone, it has opened up a whole new world for me on my journey with Jesus :) Thank you for your amazing heart!