Monday, February 24


My precious friend Beth is sharing her love story today. I love her a lot. She blesses me in all sorts of ways, and I know she will do the same for you. Follow along with her on instagram here, on her blog Artistic Domestic, and on her new journey, The Beloved Society.


Hi there! I'm so happy to get together with you guys today. I have loved watching this whole mushy month unfold and I'm tickled to share my little love story. My husband and I met in college. I had just moved to town, just started taking classes, just started working as a preschool teacher and getting involved in my new church. I was the new girl. One day, as I'm in my classroom, I totally lock eyes on this guy walking past my room. I'm thinking "Oooh, I didn't think they made dads that cute." It hadn't crossed my mind that he was a teacher. But he was. I saw him again very shortly thereafter at a staff meeting and kind of asked one of the other teachers who replied that he was not married, not a daddy, and not gay. Check, check, check. Interested...

So then I decide to get involved volunteering with the youth group. And he was there too. So there's a little intro there and some chemistry, but of the shy awkward variety. Then I'm at school and I start seeing him around there. He's everywhere! But it got particularly bizarre when I had to go the library one day. I go in and start in on the aisle I need to be on and there he is. I freaked. I thought "NO! He's going to think I'm a total stalker!" and I just bail. But I don't get the book I need cause I ran out like a spaz. So the next day I have to go back to the library. He's there again. Like right where I need to be. So I start very smoothly with a "Hi... I'm totally not stalking you...". Oh, and also I smell like pot because I'd been at a Dave Matthews concert the night before and apparently people just smoke that all out in the open at concerts (also, I don't get out much). Not my thing, but of course I had to wear the t-shirt the next day, right? So now I very much resemble a stoner stalker. Very nice.

But we grabbed our books and sat down and started talking and we talked so much that we missed our next class. In fact, we did that for a whole semester and I completely failed the class because I just quit going. I only went to school to meet him in the library. So then I just quit college and thought I'd aim for the housewife gig, but that's a story for another day. Spoiler alert: I did it! I achieved my dream of cooking and cleaning and changing diapers. Stay in school, kids. Just kidding. Kind of.

We dated for a few years on account of me being such a tender young thing. He proposed while we walked through some snow in England. We attempted to plan a wedding that was so Pinterest before it's time, and everyone thought we were nuts. It drove us bonkers and we decided to just scoot the whole thing up and do a little backyard shindig.
Flash forward. We've been married 11 years now and have three tiny people who call us Mom and Dad, even though sometimes it's surreal going to school lunches and figuring out equal opportunities for grandmas and such. So that's the play by play of our love story. But the behind the scenes stuff is gold. Please allow me to get cheesy for a minute.

I'll preface with saying that I'm a contradiction, a hard person to understand. But he understands me and usually he's pretty spot-on guessing what I need. I'm moody, irresponsible, and flaky. Flaws to me are something else to him. He thinks I'm spontaneous and artsy. He speaks my weird language of affection. I know I am loved. Turns out they do make dads that cute, after all. He cracks me up like no one can. We are totally our favorite couple. We're the kind of couple that would rather take all three kids to the store (torture, for sure) than split up for an hour. And that's the silly stuff, but that's the nauseatingly sweet stuff too. When we married, we were a "good match" for each other, but really we had no idea. God blessed us ridiculously when he took two broken people that really had no business being together, and put them together (individually and as a couple) to make something really lovely. Our love story gets better all the time.


  1. beautiful story. beautiful couple. beautiful family:)!! love this!!

  2. love this, beth! yall totally do seem to even each other out in the sweetest way. you two are just the cutest:)

  3. Wow, you have a beautiful love story! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sweet to read how the hand of God moved to put together 2 of His children and created such a blessed family that bless others with His love.

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