Tuesday, January 28


I prayed that this oven would still be in the house when we bought it. The Lord answered and there it was. It's a Magic Chef stove, I think from the 1930s. Similar to this model seen here, but even better, in all her black and white glory.

It pangs me to type these words... but I'm quite certain it''s not going to fit into our kitchen. I mean, technically it could, but then we would have no countertops, and have to close the window, and maybe no sink. Or something like that. I mean, what are countertops, sinks, and windows good for anyway? I really have no idea where I could even put it, anywhere in the house. THIS IS THE SADDEST DAY EVER, I KNOW.

It appears to be in good condition, just needs to be cleaned up, moved, and restored. And when I say moved, I mean... I think it weighs around 500 pounds. So there's that. It's sitting in our house, crying out to me. And I'm crying out to you. What do I do with this beauty?

I don't really even know where to begin. Do you live in New York and want to buy this? Do you know how to restore this glorious thing? Do you know which direction to point me in? I am asking all these questions, with gnashing of teeth, that I can't keep it myself.

Help me help you.


  1. Use google and find someone to restore it. Youre right, it is absolutely beautiful! If I lived closer, I would buy it from you and use it as intended. If you get rid of it, you will someday regret it because you may never find another one. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this makes me sad for you. Can you just put it in a different room for now and use the sweet drawers for storage of your tablecloths or other kitcheny things? Just put some plants on it and use it as an entryway table? It's just so pretty! I'm hoping you find a good solution because it's just lovely.

  3. If you decide not to keep it could you Craigslist it? Or sell it (via consignment or something like that) to an antique shop? Its amazing but if its not functional for you or the house, its just taking up space. Sell it and put the money towards your renovations...or something that you really want for the "new" house:)

  4. Knock out a few walls or SOMETHING! I mean, how could you?! I feel your pain and it's not even mine. May you find a sweet home or nook to place it. :)

  5. its adorable! can you clean it out and use it for storage? Instead of a wall of cabinets in the kitchen, keep this somewhere? My apartment in college had an old stove that didn't work and we unhooked it and used it for plates, silverware etc.

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