Monday, November 18


In the day in and day out I usually don't see my kids as the little people they are turning into. I want to always see them like this, but usually the yelling, crying, and changing diapers all day blurs my vision.I feel like all moms have blurry vision 98% of the time. But then, sometimes, that other 2% creeps in. When you're sitting on the couch at the end of the day, eyes bleeding from being so tired, and you remember that one thing they did today. You couldn't appreciate in that moment, but right then, when you're belly laughing telling your husband all about it, you appreciate it so much more. You almost want to run in and wake them up from their not-so-deep slumber. Almost. Sometimes it even hits you during the day, when everything else around you is in a tizzy, but time stands still, and you can look at them, for who they really are and see who they're turning into.

I don't know, but it seems like Brody is about to stiff arm his baby sister?

Brody's learning to read… which, for some reason, has got me all emotional. He's sound spelling words, and I can see his brain working when I am start to spell out things I don't want him to hear to Caleb. What, Mom? I know I will only be able to do this a little bit longer. When he doesn't want to tell me something about his day, for whatever reason, he writes it out for me -- the way he thinks it's spelled. Makes me melt. He's passionate about Super Mario Brothers. PASSIONATE. You want to see him show his true self, talk to him about Bowser and all the castles. He puts on a sticker every day before kindergarten, right before we're going to walk in. He pulls one out of his secret stash, unzips his coat, puts his perfectly picked one for that day on, and slyly smiles… He's ready for the day now. 

Foster's writing his name like it's no body's business, and he's got a nose you'd be jealous of. We took the kids to the mall the other night because we had to go into AT&T. We never go to the mall. I mean, really, never. I am so not a mall person. I am more of an etsy person. After the boys exclaimed, over and over again, A store!! Look, Mom! Another store! Stores, everywhere! I'm all I tried to tell you guys… 

Foster starts sniffing around like a hound dog, wait…are there donuts here? as we walk by Auntie Anne's pretzels. It's in those moments that I see them… when I'm thinking back on it. I mean, clearly I have passed on my love of baked goods to my children. I'm proud of that. 

Story girl is such a GIRL. Someone help me. She loves minnie mouse, and calls her Bickey, and wears an Old Navy lion halloween costume, from four years ago, every single day. She will give you a pout and a sash-shay like you've never seen. And, if you don't read or sing to her all day long, you have got another thing coming. My girl, it's official, is a daddy's girl. 

And my new little dude. Well.. I could go on and on about him forever. He doesn't look like me but when I'm starring into those big eyes, I see myself. He belly laughs like no other baby, and thinks it's hysterical when I am changing his clothes. I have never seen such a ticklish little love. He's my angel baby, for a million different reasons. I can't wait to tell you more about him. 

These are things. The things I want remember. I feel like these past six months have been the busiest time yet for our family. One boy in kindergarten, one boy in preschool, driving 293 times a week. Traveling all over the place, planning a conference, bringing our new son home, and about to move. 

But, I'm gonna slow it down now. I'm gonna write it down now. I'm not gonna forget.

(most of these photos by my sweet friend & photographer, Nancy Noble Barnes


  1. little people are so much fun to watch grow.

  2. Your little ones are so so so cute.

  3. You have such a beautiful family!!! xo

  4. OH, my, I'm worn out just reading this. Hats off to you for being such a great Mom to these 4 precious lives. You will not turn around twice and they will be all grown up and these days will be mere memories. I know, mine are 37 and 34. But, now I get to enjoy my Grans and make precious memories with them. Happy week!

  5. precious!
    congratulations on all your sweet blessings.
    it's fun watching them figure out how to be themselves.

  6. Such a sweet reflection! It's so great that you do take time to appreciate the little things. Kids won't stay little forever! I love your photos, too. :)
    xo kristen genevieve

  7. i will hold the baby while you plan the conference. just hand him on over.

  8. I wish I was writing down things like this for my kids. Instead I'm reading yours...crying.