Monday, November 11


"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." 

Last month I went to this large, strange place some people like to call Texas. Y'ALL. Hard to believe it but it was my first time to enter this country… I mean state. I got to stay with my best friend, my main squeeze, my partner in crime. She's all of those things to me and more. What a beautiful gift Casey is in my life. We have the blessing of working together, me from my home here in New York and Casey all the way down there in Dallas. It' s amazing, and a testament to our friendship, of being able to do life together every single day from 1,700 miles apart. She makes me laugh til I cry, cry til I laugh and we are, really and truly, soul sisters. Someone please plop us on a quilt, on a beach, with a pile of sweet treats, and we will be all set. 

It was so amazing to be able to bring my little guy along with me. Not only for the time that my boy and I got alone together (he was an angel on all our flights) but for seeing my friends love my boy. It was precious. 

Case, you are everything I ever wanted and prayed for in a friend. You live, and you love, in ways that I admire. I am thankful for the sister you are to me, and how you see and feel Jesus in the same ways that I do. We completely understand each other. Completely. What a gift! You make me laugh like no one else. I'm forever grateful for this real, and beautiful, relationship where we can just be each other. Flaws, and hurts, and mistakes and all, throwing it all out there, and loving each other through it. 

I really like you, Dallas. I'll see you again in March.