Tuesday, August 6


The lake feels like it was years ago now, even though not even a month has passed. The craizest thing is that I feel like I am in a world of a different place than I was then. I've been thinking so much about feelings lately, and how they can change in a day, an hour, a minute. Like a complete, God grabs you by the heart and flips it for you, change. I feel like this past month has chockfull of those heart-grabbed-by-God heart changes. I am thankful for them, and I'm learning and growing in prayer, and patience, more than I ever have before. 

All of me wishes that we could just book one more week at the lake. Wouldn't a week at the end of August, or in early September, on the brink of Fall beginning, be the perfect place to go back to? Just one more week, just take me and my mind back there. 

YOLO was our motto all week which, by the way, I just learned what it meant two days before vacation. My family loved me so much for shouting it every hour on the hour. Jump off the dock in the middle of the lake? YOLO. Keep the kids up past 10 pm? YOLO. Eat two more s'mores? YOLO. Sip some wine that doesn't taste so good and then go night swimming? YOLO y'all. 

Until next summer… 


  1. caleb and the sparklers. best pics.

    everything here is lovely. story girl in those heart sunnies, all the smiles and yolo jumps. too much beauty!


  2. what fun pictures! it truly seems like such a wonderful time!

  3. Beautiful!
    I wish I were there too!
    I totally had to google YOLO after seeing it on your instagram
    when life gives you mellin's

  4. ommmmgggg. you redid your blog design again and i'm crying in my heart about it cause i loved the last one so much, but i love this one so much too. i'm glad you finally know what YOLO means. and i'm going to the lake house on the ozarks on thursday for a week, so come on down. YOLO.

  5. well now that looks like tons of fun, skinny mini! and i love your blog design as always- whimsical, classy, simple and lovely :)

  6. Love these photos! What a special time for your family!