Thursday, July 4


My friend Meg is a talented photographer and her beautiful photos are available in her shop, as both canvases and prints. She sent me the biggest, baddest canvas around… the 24x36 gumball machine canvas. I don't mess around. 

My canvas stayed in the package all .5 seconds before I was admiring it hanging on our walls. My kids started caressing it as soon as soon as I hung it up. I think they love it as much as I do. It's the closest thing they are going to get to a gumball so they take what they can get. It makes me giddy happy hanging in our house. It's in our playroom now, which we are going to be re-doing as half playroom and other half my little office space. And all God's people said? AMEN. Literally and figuratively. I need space, people. It's up in the air if I am going to keep the canvas in the playroom part or in my workspace part. I love it that much. All the walls will be a bright white and this baby is gonna pop even more than it already does. Plus, every time I see it, which is approximately 294 times a day, I think of Meg… which makes me happy. Is that creepy that I think about you that much, friend?

Don't answer that.

Are you dying to get your own canvas? I thought so! Go check them all out HERE. There are also prints, buntings, vintage maps, and more! This is next on my wish list. 

Thanks, Meg, for sending this beauty my way! 


  1. the globes one is one i'm dying to by!

  2. I love this!!! What a fun canvas you have!

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