Thursday, June 13


Or is it called a bridal shower? 

I am not up on my wedding etiquette. 

My baby sister is getting married in September and we had her shower this past weekend. A little purple, a little yellow, and sweets galore shower... cause she's sweet as sugar. No, really, she's not, don't let her fool you. Wait, what? Ignore that, Rin.

 Do not enter if you are on a diet. We warned you.

My mama and sisters. 




Of course we had this shower when I am trying to not consume massive amounts of sugar. But, hey, when a girl needs a cheat day, a girl needs a cheat day. Can I get an amen? If you make anything in your life you should make oreo truffles. Second only to making babies is making oreo truffles. You might as well just make the filling and spoon feed it to yourself.

Also, mini fruit pizzas rock my world. They were handcrafted by me, I'll let you know, and I only ate one that day. Rude. Get the pillsbury cut apart cookie dough logs. Make your own cream cheese frosting and top with your favorite fruits. Perfect.

The fabric garland is probably my favorite go-to party decoration. It's simple, costs nothing if you have fabric lying around, and totally customizable. Get a rod of wood, or cut a leg off of a table.. whatever works really. And tie long strips of fabric to it in your event's colors. Tie, tie, tie. Hang it up and, badabing. You've got yourself a pretty backdrop and saved yourself $50 that you were going to spend on etsy. You're welcome.

I am trying to recover from a food coma, still. You know what they say, have your cake and eat it too. I don't know what that saying truly means but I know tomorrow's Friday. Happy almost weekend, playas. 


  1. What a lovely shower! I just adore your hair, it's seriously perfect.

  2. the last paragraph of this post is so golden.

  3. Food comas are the best and worst things ever haha. Congrats to your sister! Such a great shower :)

  4. Amen! I loveeeeeee me some oreo truffles too!

  5. I want those mini fruit pizzas so bad right now its borderline inappropriate. Sooooo....ya.

  6. a party isn't a party with out rock candy sticks. love it!

  7. I love the purple and yellow. I need to try oreo truffles. Never had one before.

  8. yes to cheat days and oreo job well done with the shower so cute!