Sunday, May 5


Today I am so excited to have my dear friend CAROLYN sharing about her amazing shop, TWO SPARROWS. Enjoy! 


"Hi, my name is Carolyn and I'm the owner of Two Sparrows. Two Sparrows began in December 2012, really because I am an obsessive person that gets an idea in her head and can't stop until that idea comes to life:) And by that I mean that I had specific ideas of headbands I wanted for my daughters and had such a hard time finding what I wanted, so I started to make a few. My mother in law invited me to sell a few of my headbands at a craft fair and one thing lead to another I started selling them on Etsy.

I am a wife of five years to the most loving and loyal man I have ever met, and we have a set of crazy amazing twin girls, Henley and Eden who are now 16 months old. Some of you may remember praying for our girls before they were even born, as my sweet friend Danielle shared our story on her blog as we were going through a pretty scary pregnancy. Long story short, we were told that there was a pretty good chance that one or both of our twins would not survive or that they would have permanent brain damage. Needless to say we serve a faithful and powerful God, and he brought us through that time into what we know now as the most joyful time in our lives with our miracle babies. As we were going through the pregnancy, I had created a little blog to keep friends and family updated. (you can read it from the beginning HERE, just don't judge me as you realize my latest post was when the girls were four months ;)

I titled the blog "more than sparrows", based off of Luke 12:6-7 which was our constant reminder of the Lord's faithfulness and that he has such a specific plan for each and every single part of our lives. This verse served to be an encouragement to us through a very difficult time, and when thinking of a name for my little business, I wanted the name to be one that had a lot of meaning and purpose to me, hence Two Sparrows.

One thing I feel like I've been asked a lot recently is how I balance being a stay at home mom of two very busy twins and running a small business. The answer is: there is none. :) We take things day by day, and sometimes the laundry doesn't get done. Sometimes my kids are running around taking bites of plain ice cream cones for the heck of it because I'm packaging up orders and hey, it's a harmless thing to keep them occupied for a few minutes:) Sometimes we wear pj's all day (ok, a lot of times), and sometimes we all look the same way we did in the morning as we do when my poor husband gets home from work. But the truth is, I wouldn't trade having my two crazies running around at my feet giggling and jibber jabbering for anything, and I love that I have been blessed enough to have the opportunity to be home with them while at the same time still be able to use a little of my creativity.

I hope you take a minute to peek through the new "City Lights" collection on Etsy! I know for me, the summertime means dresses, being outside and EASY hair. Headbands have always been a go-to for me, especially if I'm feeling like I want to put minimal effort into my hair, because it automatically makes your whole outfit feel more put together. I can honestly say that it's not even June yet and I have already worn almost every piece from this collection and so have my girls! Looking cute and put together doesn't have to be a huge to do, and most of the time less is more. A great sundress, sandals and a hair scarf can give you a great relaxed boho look, or a pair of jean cutoffs, a tee and a clip in your top knot can be casual and comfy but still put together.

Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time to share my heart and life with you, I hope you love Two Sparrows headbands as much as I love creating them!"

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Here's me and Story Kate, showing off our new hair pretties. Now go make good use of that coupon code! 


  1. Love those! And what a great story!

  2. Love your story and the headbands!

  3. I was JUST thinking about Henley and Eden after remembering praying for them before they came into the world. I am so happy to hear the family is doing well!! Beautiful girls and beautiful bows! <3