Wednesday, May 15


I'm sorry (not sorry) for the amount of photos this post includes. Spring is too sweet. Life is too good.

My girl will do anything to be outside. She stands at the door and whines like a puppy and brings me endless pairs of shoes all day long. She is over the rain and ready for the sunshine again.

Her new favorite dolly. You know I'm not gonna find anything in the store with her name on it, mmkay? So happy to have had Personal Creations send this sweet doll for my girl. She sleeps with it every night and I pull brown fuzz out from in between her finger every morning, from clutching her Story doll's hair. I kinda love it.  

Foster chose what he wanted from Personal Creations as well and, of course, he looked right at me and said, I want the grumpy and grouchy dino backpack. Well. That's fitting. Brody picked out the custom name sports puzzle and is mildly obsessed with it.

I actually can't help myself with these swing photos. Cannot. help. myself. 

Have I really not posted camera photos since my boy turned five? Oh, my heart. 

I love these spring nights. 

Story is pretty delicate when picking, and giving, flowers. 

Story and I lalalove our new headbands from my sweet friend Jessi at Suzie Studios.

Happy Wednesday, y'all. 


  1. Love all these!! And especially love that headband, girl!

  2. do you think story will let me borrow that cardigan? and also that bucket hat? and maybe can i have your headband?

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the headbands, the doll, and the beautiful sunshine! xo

  4. well these are ridiculously beautiful. story with her doll, killing me. so glad you are having good weather. wish flat jocelyn was there.
    #tattoos {this will now be on every comment. you started it}

  5. Aw, these pictures seriously brought a smile to my face! how lovely. Your children are so adorable. Thanks for sharing these pictures! xo

  6. I love Story's scrunched up nose and the headband pic!! Life does look lovely for you :)

  7. i can't get over how big your kids are getting!! they were babies when I first "met" you!! lovely life friend!

  8. what a good life in pictures!! love this swingin' ones the most!!

  9. i la la love all of these photos! especially Story girl on the swing!
    your life is blessed :)