Monday, May 6


My little sister is getting married in September. I've been working on her wedding invitations, along with a bunch of other wedding invitation designs, and it's got me all excited. Tis the season! When Caleb and I got married in 2006, I didn't have the deep love of design, fonts, and hand lettering that I have now. Our wedding colors were chocolate brown, whites, & ivory. I think I was a pretty stress-free bride (babe?), but I did have one melt down. Just one, but it was real and I felt the pain that OCD brides must feel all.the.time. I had thought that if I didn't have these invitations that I was obsessed with that cost, like, $500, my life would be over. When my mom said Um, no, Danielle, I had literal nightmares. I went into Caleb's apartment at 5:00 the morning, after we had ordered much more simple, white invitations, and told him I made a huge mistake and hated the invitations we ordered and something had to be done RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. I was a hot mess. A couple therapy sessions later and I was okay. 

Although there's nothing I'd change about our wedding day, cause it was just perfect for us, in that precious stage of our relationship, it sure is fun to imagine. 

If I had to do our invitation all over again today, I would definitely design it myself and have it printed somewhere like Vista Print They are always offering great deals on Vista Print products

What about you? Any wedding planning meltdowns? Anything you'd do over? 

Here's a little inspiration for a wedding I'd love today. 


This is a sponsored post by Vista Print, but all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my very own. 


  1. Lovely!! I like to think I was a mostly stress free bride too... I can only think of a couple minor meltdowns. :)

  2. My husband and I got married 6 years ago in Vegas. It was a small ceremony with close friends and family. I think at 10 years we are going to have a vow renewal and party.

  3. i think wedding do-overs are in order for all of us old enough to be married pre-pinterest. we have our 10 year in june. i'm thinking maybe a seriously awesome anniversary party.

  4. I think people are WAY too concerned about how the wedding is styled, how amazing it photographs, etc. These are fine things, but the MOST important thing is to think about the marriage. The wedding is just one day, but the marriage is for the rest of your life. I got married at 21 years old, almost 16 years ago (this month!) and our wedding was super simple. I wore a white dress, he wore a tux. We were surrounded by our loved ones and we made a commitment before God to put Him at the center. Yes, there are amazing and beautiful weddings I look at online, but I would not change a thing about mine.

  5. I'm with Beth!! I think all of us pre-pinterest brides should get a do-over! ;) There's a lot I'd change now... starting with our colors. White and Apple Red? I don't even really like red... what was I thinking?

    1. i know! we were black, white, and red. what?!! that is so not me!

  6. its stupid as all get out...but the one thing i'd change from my wedding (aside from doing in entirely different this time!) is the cake. I let my husband have a say on our cake - his favorite at the time was cheesecake so my mother-in-law made a very plain cheesecake and we put a few gerbera daisies on it w/ bendy plastic people that had our photos in the faces. i regret that darn cake even now...13 years later! I'd have something much more ME. so silly i know!

  7. I so wish Pinterest was around when I got married, three years ago.
    The only thing I dislike and would redo was to not get a "pro" hair and make up artist. I worked with a friend's daughter in law, who has her license but doesn't work in a salon because she could make more money elsewhere.

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  10. Lovely wedding! The decorations in this ceremony are so unique and pretty decent. The pink center table is the prettiest idea and I will surely use it for my own wedding day. We are marrying soon so are grabbing many ideas for the d├ęcor of our outdoor wedding event space NYC.