Tuesday, April 30


Alternate post tile for this was What blog? I'm trying to get into a grove of being a work at home mom and stay at home mom. Right now it looks like me telling my husband that he has two choices: 1) Kids who are taken care of or 2) a house that is clean. Never both. Thankfully I am married to most amazing and gracious man and he trips over musical toys at 10 PM and steps over mountains of laundry to get into bed with me. Some day soon I will hopefully figure out time management for the tasks at hand. Until then… here's my life on instagram.

My thirty minutes to myself every other day. Quite possibly my favorite time of the day. Holy Ground.

This is how we feel about attending Parents of Students Entering Kindergarten Night. Hold me. 

Spring Nights. 

The longest cart of all time.

Extreme stroller-ing.

Story sleeps just like her mama.

I think Brody likes his birthday present. 

Foster says, This is the face all the bugs make when I crush them. 

Baking with my babes.

Books in bed.

My favorite Emily Dickinson quote. This is a foreshadowing to events that will happen later this week. More on that soon.

My bestie blessed me this pillowcase goodness for my birthday. It's pretty much perfection. 2013 is my brave year. PS: Did you know Sara Bareilles wrote T H I S for me?

Sisters night in Saratoga, much needed.

Mets game with my guys. 

Brody at his five year old check up. My brave boy didn't even need to hold my hand for his shots. 

Caleb got me a gift certificate for my first massage ever. I feel like my life will change. Am I right? 

Chicken caesar pizza, yes please.

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  1. what an amazing journey you are on! God has blessed you missy!
    hold on tight! you are destined for greatness!

  2. Ha. I feel you. I have 7 month old twins and I usually don't have the time to clean. And then when they're finally napping, all I want to do is just sit and veg. It's terrible really. Luckily my husband is understanding. It won't be messy forever, right?

  3. I know I liked these all on IG, but I LOVE these all over again.

  4. Girl I cannot imagine doing everything with more than one kiddo - right now I'm trying to master the work-from-home stay-at-home mom thing with just one! And you're totally right - it's either a well-loved kid or a clean house. Can't be both!

  5. please send me the rug in your target cart and that pizza. thanks

  6. aren't massages the best thing ever!

  7. Yes, your life will change. :)

  8. uggg darn that thing they call kindergarten.!! i cried for days.lol when my oldest started last year :(

    that pizza looks so good! cute photos!