Wednesday, March 13


little miss has refused to wear shoes for weeks and weeks. she cried at the sight of them and would fight me every time i tried to come near her with them. it was quite comical, actually. i'd get them on her and,  after the shedding of many tears, she would pull herself along the floor like a wounded sea lion and refuse to walk in them. she's all why are you torturing me with heavy clodhoppers, ma? whatchu tying to do to me? and i'm all. uh. i am may be pretty relaxed but you will have to wear shoes when going outside. i mean, at least sometimes. 

but this weekend she had a change of heart. after much prompting, cheering, and gnashing of teeth, i can officially say my girl is walking… in shoes. i know from the amount of pictures i took make it seem like these were her first steps. girlfriend has been walking for months. but the sneaks! and the lighting! the fact that it was 50 degrees on saturday! how could i resist these photos?

she started off with this coy face and side step shuffle. it was hysterical. 

and then, all the sudden, off she went. 

she channeled her inner little engine that could combined with the energizer bunny and kept going and going and going. 

sometimes we call her little red. 

(we don't, actually. but we should.)

get it, girl.

see? i told you. shoes are a good thing.


  1. She is adorable and looks like so much fun.

  2. That little jacket is precious on her!

  3. oh have started something! 'little red' is so freakin' adorable! I cannot stand it! she's gonna be a shoe hound ya know. and you might regret it ;) hehe. but maybe you won't...cuz you know you love it!

  4. little red poodle.
    bless her. please tell her to stop growing so fast.

  5. I laughed out loud about you calling her little red, or not, actually. So cute!!

  6. Love her little red jacket!! Give it a few years and I bet you'll be wishing she didn't love shoes as much! :)

  7. what a doll baby! Love her coat and shoes.

  8. haha so cute. they are so funny when they first start wearing shoes!