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i'm super excited to have my sweet friend elizabeth sharing here today. she is uber talented and my go to girl for projects i wish i knew how to make myself, but i don't… which is pretty much everything. she's made my pillow cases in our bedroom, the sweetest dress and headband set for story kate, and is making her easter dress too! i adore everything she does, and she does it so well. take some time to check out her links and her gorgeous new craft room! 

. . . 

Thanks Danielle for inviting me to visit today.  I am so excited to be here and chat with all of you.  Danielle is one of the loveliest gals I have had the privilege of getting to know and I think she has a heart of gold.  Her blog has always been a source of inspiration to me, and I am literally doing a happy dance right now at the thought of posting here. 

I'm Elizabeth and I am the lady behind Pocket Full of Lovelies.  A blog about a little bit of everything.  From my journey through motherhood, my love for DIY and sewing, my attempt at photography, to our everyday.  Just trying to keep a happy home and everyone in one piece, and keep track of it as we go. 

Today, I would like to invite you all over to my home, to see my happy place.  My craft room.

I am one lucky gal that my hubby is crafty in a manly way.
Like he can build things and has a bunch of tools,
and I can show him my hopes on pinterest and he can translate them for me.
Oh, and he's pretty awesome for not only building me this space, but for supporting my dreams along the way...  {cue the Awww's!}

Come on in…

I really wanted a space that would be pretty, yet functional.  A place that could keep me organized and yet also foster a kid friendly environment where my daughter could join me.  Not to mention, stick to a pretty stiff budget for the entire room.  Besides spending money on the MDF and on the organizing containers, most of the room was filled with things we all ready had.  We spent approximately $300 on the entire room.  I was impressed with our abilities to stay in our budget considering this room was empty to start!

My husband built me a huge table in the center of the room using these plans and tweaking them a bit.  It has book shelves on each side and a drawer to keep my scissors and cutting supplies in.  My rotary mat fits perfectly on top, and the table is just the right height for cutting fabric.  We {and by we, I mean the hubbs, but I supervised, m'kay!} built my sewing desk out of a hollow core door and some bookshelves from my basement.  The chairs were dining room chairs that were broken, but with a few nails and some new upholstery,

One of the cheapest and easiest way to decorate on a budget... hoop art!  Each hoop runs around $1.00-$2.00.  I used fabric from my own stash to save on costs.  To add some personality, I used rubber stamps and black fabric paint to display some of my favorite sayings...

yes, really!
The hubbs had a ton of leftover peg board in our garage and he cut a few pieces for me and we painted them up and incorporated them into the room.  I used an old frame and wrapped it in my favorite fabric and added the peg board for a thread holder using some wood dowels.  My mom had some old wooden spools, and I wrapped some fabric strips around them and strung them on embroidery thread as a garland.  The other peg board, we painted with stripes and then added wood dowels and created a wrapping paper station.

I really wanted to organize my fabric to look like a fabric store, in bolts.  I did some research, and did find some organizers to "bolt" your fabric, but since I am cheap and on a budget, I improvised.  I bought some foam board at the dollar tree and had the hubbs cut them to size for me.  Then I wrapped the fabric around them and pinned in place to create my own fabric store!  This alone has been one of my favorite parts of this room.  Prior to this, my fabric was kept folded in a box, and looking for something specific was sort of a nightmare.  And needless to say, by the time I was done, nothing would be left folded.  Problem solved!

I wanted to have a space for Presley to not only use her own creativity but to be able to hang out with her momma.  Presley found herself with her own art table, with all of her supplies within reach.  Her favorite part though, the chalkboard wall.  We often play school together, in which I sit on one of those teeny tiny chairs {perhaps not the smartest of ideas} and she teaches me how to draw squares and triangles on her chalkboard. 

This, my friends, was an old ugly dresser we found on the side of the road.  The hubbs took the sides and face off each drawer, nailed in the bottom and made shelves just the right size for Rubbermaid containers.  A little cleaning and a few coats of paint, I'm left with a great way to organize all of my notions.

Needless to say, I am thrilled to have my own space.  A place to design and dream.  A place to sew and be creative.  A place to blog and be inspired. 

Thanks for hanging out with me in my happy place.  Come over anytime and see whats going on.
 I love meeting new friends.


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