Tuesday, March 26


Does anyone even know this phrase? I was looking up synonyms for things last night (What? isn't that what you're doing on a Monday night?) and this was on the list. It says that bees in your bonnet means things you're preoccupied with, some may even date to say, obsessed with. Say wha? I am not sure if that means it's good or bad but I am going to go with the less than likely and call it good. I can tell you right now that I would not be obsessed with bees in my bonnet, but whatev. I like this saying and it sort of inspired me to make this post. I would say it would be a weekly thing but YOU KNOW ME AND BLOGGING COMMITMENT. 
Someone should get me this shirt. Except maybe, quite possibly, change a lot to a little

Speaking of blogging commitment, I re-designed my blog. Duh. It's been three months. I am all about clean spaces right now. Except in my home.

I find inspiration, and things that preoccupy me, all over the place. People, places, words, and so on and so forth. Maybe some of these will do the same for you. So, without further ado, I give you my bees in my bonnet.

Neon and gold dipped things. I, along with everyone else, want to dip everything I own in bright paint. Including my first born. 

This perfect corner. Someone make it appear in my home. 

Story Kate's easter dress, made by my sweet friend Elizabeth. Some call me obsessed. They would be correct in that statement.

. . . . . . . . . .

This is my number one bee. I started this program last spring and got three weeks and hurt my knee pretty bad. AKA I burst into tears the second I tried to run anytime after that. Been doing all the right things, or so I think (I am NOT a runner), this time around and am two weeks in and lalaloving it. If you see the girl in the tie-dye sweatshirt crying and lifting her hands to Jesus while running and listening to Colton Dixon, that's ME. I'm not ashamed to claim it.

While I'm on apps that I love: My Days. NFP, gimme a HOLLA! 

Wearing spring-like pants and neon pink blazers to pretend there's not still snow on the ground.

Conversations with my kids, and my man, yes they are also bees in that bonnet of mine: 

Foster, while pushing his toy vaccum around: Isn't this such a fun and crazy day?!

. . . . . . . . . . 

The other day I got home from Brody's parent teacher conference, and I say: Foster, did you have a good time with Grammy? no answer. Were you grouchy and grumpy? no. Were you loving and kind? I was Jesus. You were Jesus? I was loving Jesus the whole time.

. . . . . . . . . . 

About to fall asleep in bed with Caleb:

Him: Where did I find you?

Me: On the internet.

. . . . . . . . . . . 

Brody: Mom, what does God look like?
Me: Well, we don't really know for sure, bud. But, I know He's so beautiful.
Brody: I think I know what He looks like.
Me: Really?
Brody: Yeah, I think I saw Him on Barney. When I used to watch Barney before I took a nap.
Me: Really? What did He look like?
Brody: He was yellow and sparkly with black eyes.
Me: Wow! That sounds pretty accurate.

All images from my pinterest boards or instagram feed. Follow along with me, won't  you? 


  1. cracking up about Barney God. guess i should have paid attention when that was on.

  2. love your blog. love the 'bees in the bonnet'--a friend of mine had that name for her blog once. it fit. and it fits you. lol.
    love the spring pants. love C25K. doing my first 5k for this year in two weeks. haven't even started running this year yet. ugh.
    love your kiddos. love story's dress. have i said 'love' too much? ;)

  3. I loved this post -- it made me laugh, and wanted to laugh out loud, although I'm at work and had to try really hard not to.

  4. Praise God. Praise His wondrous and glorious and perfect name. Praise Him for the strength He is giving you and your hubby to raise children who love Him so much. Praise Him for such sweet conversations, for such sons that love Jesus. Praise Him!

  5. love your design! and that God is sparkly :)

  6. love colton dixon!! just saw him in concert recently. noticed your new design. kinda lovin' it's clean simplicity and punch of color;) you are on the trend friend. i want a new header. haven't figured out what. oh and trying to forget barney. just the word barney and i start hearing the theme music...ack!!!

    1. So jealous of you seeing Colton! He is the jam. HA! Barney. Thankfully my kids are over it right now.

  7. okay, your blog is my happy place. thank you for being you.

    happy tuesday! :)

    1. thank YOU for being YOU. seriously, your comments are such a blessing, girl.

  8. 1. Your outfit is so pretty! Your pants and blazer are adorbs.

    2. Your middle child's smile is so happy and fun.

    3. Those quotes make me smile against my will.

  9. you slay me.
    i am in full support of dipping first borns,
    or anything/one else, in bright paint. amen.
    YOU are my main bee.

    1. you will always hold the position of main bee in my heart.

  10. nfp, holla. i always thought a bee in your bonnet meant you were mad about something. thanks for teaching me new things.

  11. i get so stinking attached to each of your blog designs that i can't help but be sad when a new one rolls around. like come on. i just love them all. also, like stop being so cute and leave some cuteness in the bonnet for the rest of ussssssssssssss.

  12. Love the new look! I'm all about the clean spaces too but of course not in my own home. :) Love that song too!! Annddd the little conversations. I love talking to kids, such great imaginations. :)

  13. Reading this post was a treat. Thanks for making me smile... a lot. The conversations sent me over the edge. In a good way.

  14. I'm from New Zealand and "A bee in my bonnet" is a common expression here. It means you are upset about something and wont let it drop. Like if you had a literal bee in your bonnet you wouldn't just passively leave it there. You would make a big fuss and make sure you got it out. Normally its something you feel passionate about and want to change. It's often said about someone else, "she's got a real bee in her bonnet about the neighbours tree." for example.

  15. i don't know what the blog looked like before. i'm a new follower though and i love your layout.

  16. Okay, I am seriously paying more attention to Barney next time it is on.

    Story Kate's dress is super cute.

    I like your new blog design, too:)