Monday, February 4


here we go, people. here we go.

i am so tired tonight and barely know if i can handle two hours of this. do you like how i act like someone is making me turn on abc and watch this?  

lindsay-bride has sort of an intense-push-in-your-face kiss, no? 

i wanna go to montana!

i feel like sean is so overly emotionally when he says me too

 the sitting around for the date card kills me. kills me.

i think you are going to be such an incredible wife.


i like three of you.

what morals do you share with linds, sean? you both want to date twelve people at once? and she's okay with you making out with eleven other ladies but you're not okay with her doing that with a bunch o' dudes, right? 

who is sarah darling?

there is nothing i love more on the bachelor than the dancing in front of everyone at a concert. this occurs six times on every season.

the goats milk. i can't even.

poor dez. she needs to go take a shower, brush her teeth, and vomit.

and also, how is daniella still on this show? 

oh em gee. i would punch sean in the face if i was desiree.  P U N C H. 

sarah and sean… no connection.

wait, tierra, you're mad that you have the two on one? i thought you were overjoyed. 

here comes tierra and she's wearing the same shirt the girls who did the group date challenge had to wear, except she wasn't on the group date or forced to wear that shirt. 

he wants to just snuggle with catherine. i kinda wanna snuggle with her too.

jackie and sean…you do nothing for me. can both of these girls go home? 

tierra …. eviiiiiil. and why are you going to cry over fireworks?

tierra… I AM SUCH A NICE GIRL. we were all thinking that exact thing.

sean says that he can't deal with the girls who are talking about other girls but he is also asking them to talk about tierra. am i spelling her name right? little crown. 

i don't even know what to say about the end of the show, the previews, and the drama-mama. so i will abruptly end this blog post. buh-bye now.


  1. I'm just really glad you pointed out Tierra's shirt. She obviously stole it! Who's the nice girl now, Miss Cra Cra?

  2. I was wondering the same thing about Tierra's shirt... I would be so mad if I were Dez. Seriously, how could she not point out that she chugged warm goats milk to win that night... That alone should have won her the rose.

  3. I also went straight to my blog this morning to write about Tierra. Girl is CRAZY!!

  4. i laugh out loud reading your posts. and yes. catherine for the win. why is she so cute?!

  5. p.s. montana. gorgeous! best part of the show: the scenery.

  6. haha tierra is insaneee. and so are her eyebrows. which have their own twitter account btw. I cant even handle how insanely unrealistic this show is. No wonder they all fall in love their dates and trips are unreal!!

  7. haha always love your Bachelor posts. I was reading some interview from Ali Fjfbsdlbagb (sp?) and she was saying when she was on the Bachelor they wont let the girls have music, books, pretty much anything. So you have each other and alcohol. No wonder these girls turn into crazy. She also said when the girls would start talking about "whatever" for too long some producer would come in and be like "come on girls don't you want to talk about Jake? Isn't he hot? Blah Blah" Ahhhh, so funny. I hate this show and love it oh so much.