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Hello, friends! I'm Moriah and I'm super honored to be sharing our love story on Danielle's awesome blog today. For those of you who don't know me already, allow me to introduce myself: I am currently pursuing my passion as a stay-at-home-mom of two hilarious toddlers by day, and a lifestyle blogger and handmade business owner by night. I blog about faith, family, and creative inspiration at the always encouraging blog Moriah Makes. I have a heart for community, handmade, and living my potential by the glory of God. If you'd like to connect more, catch me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Nice to meet you!

My husband, Joseph, and I have been married for over 4 years and have two amazing toddlers, Josiah and Lucia. We live on the outskirts of Minneapolis, MN and are currently looking to purchase a new home, even closer to the Twin Cities, in the very near future. Our marriage, so far, has been an awesome adventure and an incredible testimony of God's provision over our family. I'm blessed to be walking through this life with Joseph as my husband.

So, let's start at the beginning, shall we? It all started in high school... kind of. Joseph and I met back then, anyway. I was the new girl at his school our junior year, and it didn't take long for us to become friends. Joseph was the class clown and loved being the center of attention. I was the complete opposite, but loved watching him make a fool out of himself on a daily basis. Looking back, I think my favorite memory of him in high school was when he would pretend to trip in the busy hallway, throw his textbooks in the air, and fall flat on his face, just to get a reaction from random classmates. Every single time, there'd be a clueless middle school girl trying to help him up and hand him his books. HILARIOUS.

Our senior year, we became much closer friends when we starred in our school's first musical, Bye, Bye, Birdie. This was when I found out he had an interest in me. However, I didn't find out from him. I found out from my cousins (who also starred in the play), who had heard from him and had been sworn to secrecy not to tell me anything. So, of course, they told me. I didn't mind that he liked me, but I had no interest in dating anyone until college.

So, we stayed close friends, even went to Spring Formal (Christian school's version of Prom) together, and spent a lot of time together the summer after graduation. Like, 4 days a week together. Clearly, there was something more to our friendship. I eventually gave in, and confessed that I had feelings for him, as well. But, I assured him that I had no interest in dating him, because we'd be going to separate colleges 4 hours away from each other in the fall. There was no way it'd work out. There was no logical reason to start dating now. So, we didn't. We had a wonderful summer together as friends. But, the day before he was to leave for college up north, our goodbyes were pretty tear-filled and depressing. We weren't ready to start our college lives without each other.

I was able to make it two weeks before telling him I was coming to visit him at his school up north. Two weeks! After Friday classes were finished, I drove 4 hours north to spend the weekend with him. We spent the weekend catching up, adventuring around his new college, holding hands, and sharing our first kiss. But, for some reason, I was afraid of commitment. I did not want to be called his girlfriend until I was ready. I made the poor boy wait until Valentine's Day of the next year when I finally told him I loved him and asked him to be my boyfriend.

Luckily, he said yes.

So, we dated long distance for 4 long years. It was extremely challenging, stressful, sometimes almost impossible, but was the best thing for our relationship. We fought and argued weekly, but eventually learned how to communicate our feelings, strengthening our relationship with one another as the years went on. We knew that if we were able to make it through 4 years of long distance, marriage would essentially be a piece of cake (which it actually has been, praise the Lord).  We learned how to go to God when we were feeling lonely, discouraged, or misunderstood. We learned how to be independent and focus on who God wanted us to become.

At the beginning of our senior year of college, Joseph asked me to marry him. I said yes. And we were married months after graduation on August 15, 2008.

Like I said before, our marriage has been an awesome adventure and an incredible testimony of God's provision over our family. We've watched God call us to do things we never thought possible in order for us to be blessed beyond our own understanding. As we continue to pursue the plans God has for us and our growing family, I'm forever thankful that I get to live this life with my best friend.


  1. Oh my goodness! Loved reading your love story, moriah. This was incredible. Love this so much!

  2. I love how you took things so slow! This is awesome! I want this kind of relationship and marriage for my girls! I love it!

  3. loved reading this. i love that you met in high school too. that's so awesome. my husband and i dated long distance for sometime as well. it's so challenging but worth it.

  4. Moriah - what a beautiful testimony. LOVE hearing your stories.

  5. Beautiful story! Beautiful couple!!! Beautiful hears for Jesus! Y'all are so precious!!!!!! both have the best smiles!!! LOVE them!!!!!

  6. Moriah, I already loved you but now I love ya even more!

  7. Great story! We had a long distance relationship as well, and yes, we fought until we learned to communicate well, but marriage was/is SO EASY because of that! How great God is to work out all the details.